Monday, June 19, 2017

Celebrating Pride with Friends!


Celebrating Pride is so important! My friends and I decided that we should have a mini-celebration in the park.  I met up with Reine and Sol to cheer for people of all genders and sexualities.  It was a lot of fun - people came up and talked with us about their own families and stories.


Sol lives in Soho with her mom and dad, but she wants to support everyone even if she doesn't have a direct connection to the queer community.  She wore her Rainbow Dash shirt!


Reine is a new friend of mine. She plays ukulele really well and was entertaining everyone with her music. She wore rainbow tights to celebrate!


As for me - I have two moms! I have a Mom and a Mama. I was marching to show the diversity of families.  Families can come in any shape and size, but all of them are beautiful!


Before we left the park, we stopped for a snack. Reine had some melon slices and I had a can of green tea.


Sol brought dumplings!


Celebrating the diversity of families is a great way to celebrate in the month of June! What is your family like?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Camping on Fire Island!


Happy Summer! My family decided to kick off the summer season with a local Pride celebration and quickly followed that up with a trip to Fire Island! This year, I tried out a new tent.  There weren't many bugs on the beach (perhaps because it is early in the season), so i unzipped the door to my tent and snoozed until the sun was rising high in the sky.


I love Fire Island! It was very hot in New York City this weekend, so it was nice to drive out to the island and feel nice and cool in the ocean breeze.  Fire Island is a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island.  Cars are not allowed on most of the island, so we took a ferry there! It was so cool.  As soon as my family pitched our tents, I ran to the water!


Since Fire Island is a National Seashore, it is important not to take the shells you find on the beach off the island! I spent some time with my friend Simona painting shells and selling them to earn money for ice cream; I'll have to take photos of us doing it the next time we are on Fire Island though.  Fire Island is lots of fun because kids can run around more freely than in the city.  I love having more independence and it was great to see Simona's family's house!


I love collecting shells.  I did a lot of it because the waves were pretty high and the water is very cold.  Big clam shells are the best for painting, so I got a bunch of those.


Tossing a beach ball on the beach is also fun- but it's also pretty hard because the wind keeps blowing my throws off course! Oops!


I also built a sand... well, it wasn't a castle. It was more like a big termite mound! So yes, I built a sand termite mound! It was lots of fun. I love to squish the wet sand between my toes!


After two full days playing on the beach, selling shells, visiting the playground, and eating lots of yummy ice cream and pasta with artichoke pesto- it was time to head back to the city. I had a fantastic time! I have a few more photos that I will post later. They're of me with Simona!

Do you like to go camping? Where do you go?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

World Oceans Day 2017!

Happy World Oceans Day! Today I am celebrating the diversity of our Earth's oceans.  One of my favorite shows is called The Octonauts. It's about a group of intrepid explorers who aim to explore, rescue, and protect the world's ocean life.

Inky as Shellington Otter

Last year I dressed up as Shellington Otter, my favorite Octonaut, for Halloween. Shellington is a professor who studies the myriad differences and similarities between all the creatures of the ocean! He is basically a park ranger for the ocean!

Fun on the Beach

One special thing that my Mom does with me involves our toy Shellington Otter! Mom and I take turns taking our toy Shellington on trips and photographing him in different locations. Shellington Otter has been to several different countries- but he always loves the beach!

Junior Ranger Day on Fire Island

I love our oceans. I have been to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Black Sea. Someday, I hope to visit all the oceans in the world! If you're interested in learning more about oceans, check out!

Have you ever seen an ocean? Which one?

Happy Exploring!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Pride 2017!

Happy Pride 2017

I love the summer! My family does more things together since work is more relaxed for my moms.  Summer is also fun because it is Pride Month! The United States celebrates Pride Month in June to celebrate and honor the Stonewall riots that took place in June 1969.   The past year has been very fun; last year, President Obama designated the Stonewall Inn as a National Monument! As many of my readers know, I am a big, big fan of the National Parks Service. Hurrah!

I meant to go take a picture in front of the Stonewall Inn, but my family has been pretty busy so that will have to wait until later in the month. Instead, I am participating in local Pride events! I like to carry my rainbow flag and wear my Pride tee.  This year, June seems a bit colder than usual, so for this photoshoot I paired my outfit with a new cardigan.

Happy Pride 2017

I am very proud to be the daughter of lesbian parents! I love having two moms. They both love me very much and I learn so much from them.  I have lots of friends.  Some of my friends have two moms like me, some have two dads. Some have one mom and one grandma, or one mom and one dad.  What matters about a family is not the gender of your parents or caregivers, but how much love you have for each other.  Love is what makes families grow!

Are you proud of your family? What are some of your favorite things that your family does together?

Happy Pride!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Aboard the Disney Dream Pt. 2


On the second day of our cruise, Brooke and I woke up when the sun came streaming in our porthole.   We were so excited to continue our adventure on the sea!


We ran to the porthole and all we could see was water in every direction! It was like that part in the movie Moana, when her chicken Hei Hei realizes he's in the middle of the ocean! It was so beautiful.


Before our cruise, I had never seen the ocean from the middle! Of course, I've looked out the window from the plane to or from Europe, or seen the water from the beach- but neither one of those experiences was the same as seeing the sea from a boat! Wow!


The lights in the hallways were a weird yellowy color, so please excuse this photo!  Disney cruises have lots of theme nights.  One of them was pirate night! The housekeeping staff passed out pirate bandannas and dinner had a festive pirate theme! It was so fun.

Another fun Disney cruise tradition is decorating your stateroom door with magnets! Do you like mine?

I was having such a good time on the boat that I didn't even notice the ground rocking beneath my feet as we cruised through the water.  I had been worried I'd get seasick, but luckily, it wasn't a problem.  Phew!

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aboard the Disney Dream


Hello hello! If my trip to Disney World with Brooke was fun, the next segment of our trip was amazing! After four days at Disney World, we set sail on the Disney Dream cruise ship.   Brooke and I were both very excited, as neither of us had ever been on a cruise.

The first order of business was lining up on the deck for a lifeboat drill.  We learned what to do in an emergency. It was a little scary, but luckily we never had an emergency after all. Phew! Still, I am glad the cast members on the cruise prepared us, just in case.


Once we got settled in, we went to the pool! It was very sunny and warm on the cruise.  Brooke and I had so much fun splashing in the water and being silly together.


After we swam, we hung out on the deck watching the ocean. We hoped we'd see a dolphin swimming by, but we never did.  That didn't stop us from looking though!


One thing I loved about sailing on the Dream was the AquaDuck! The AquaDuck is a water slide that goes around the pool deck. You have to climb up lots of steps to get to it, then you slide in a tube all the way back down. It was so fun! Brooke and I rode together and laughed and laughed.


After riding the AquaDuck and swimming, Brooke and I relaxed on the pool deck so that we could watch Inside Out on the big screen above the pool! Brooke and I actually saw the movie together at the movie theatre when it first came out, but we were excited to see it again!

Even though we had only been on the cruise for Day 1, Brooke and I were ready to declare our trip a success!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Visiting Epcot!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. I recently had a really cool opportunity.  My friend Brooke's family invited me to join them on their vacation! We started our trip at Disney World! We stayed in the Wilderness Lodge, which is decorated to look like a National Park lodge in the Pacific Northwest. There was a little and waterfall right in the lobby! It had a cute bridge going over it, which is what Brooke and I are standing on in this photo.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Once we were checked in at the Wilderness Lodge, we headed to Epcot! There are several different parks at Disney World, but I was looking forward to Epcot the most.  Our first stop was the Canada pavilion, where we meet these animals inspired by traditional Northwest First Nations designs.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here's Brooke with an owl! We had fun exploring the Canada pavilion; it was my very first experience with a Disney park.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

In this picture, we'd climbed to the top of an eagle and were balancing carefully.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Brooke and I were lucky to be at Epcot for the International Flower & Garden Festival! There were adorable topiaries everywhere. Do you recognize who is behind me? That's Bambi!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Brooke's family members are big Disney fans, so she knows so much about the parks and the movies! Since my family doesn't watch a lot of Disney movies, she was helping me to figure out who all the different topiaries represented.  That's Thumper, Bambi's rabbit friend, next to Brooke!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here I am in part of the Canada pavilion with lots of cool rocks and waterfalls! It was so cool and weird to see little glimpses of several different countries in Florida.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

The Canada pavilion has a trading post where you can buy things that you can usually only get in Canada. Each country's pavilion has themed shops and places to eat.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here we are at the Morocco pavilion! I really liked tiles. One of my parents, Mom, loves tilework.  Isn't the fountain huge compared to us? A lot of things about Disney World were larger than life.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

My favorite pavilions were Canada (I liked the rocks), Japan (I liked the cool store with lots of Totoro stuff!), and Norway (I rode the Frozen Ever After ride twice!).  It was really fun to meet Pikachu in Japan and ride through Arendelle with Elsa, Anna, and their friends.

Epcot was a great park to experience Disney for the first time! Have you ever been to a theme park? Where did you go?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter Inky!

Happy Easter to all my friends! This year is special because Orthodox and Western Easter both fall on the same day.  I love Easter because coloring eggs and hunting for them is so fun.  I started the day by putting on my new bunny apron and coloring eggs for an egg hunt.

Happy Easter Inky!

Once the eggs were dry, my family met in the courtyard for an egg hunt! Mama and Mom gave me an Easter basket full of yummy candy.

Happy Easter Inky!

I got really excited because I received a chocolate bunny! Next, I posed for some photos in front of a tree- and then it was time to find the eggs I had dyed!

Happy Easter Inky!

I found the first egg in a little stump by the brick wall.

Happy Easter Inky!

The next egg was on the fence above the walkway to the back door! It was such a pretty turquoise color.

Happy Easter Inky!

I found the next egg, a blue one, in a bush!

Happy Easter Inky!

There was a purple egg waiting for me at the base of one of the trees in the courtyard.

Happy Easter Inky!

I ran all over the courtyard and filled my basket with Easter eggs. It was so fun!

Happy Easter Inky!

I loved eating Easter candies, coloring eggs, and finding the eggs hidden throughout our courtyard! I hope that you also had a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Easter or not! Happy Happy Holiday!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meet My Friends: Zoya Yumiko

Zoya's Eye swap

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated in months.  I haven't really been busy, but I haven't been blogging.  Since I don't have a lot of new photos to share, I thought I'd update with another post about my friends! This is Zoya Yumiko Yamamoto.

Inky & Zoya at the Beach

Zoya Yumiko has lived in NYC for her entire life, though she often spends summers in St. Petersburg, Russia, with her mother's family, or in Japan with her father's family. She is thrilled that a few months ago, her Japanese cousin, Hanabi, has moved to New York with her family. Zoya Yumiko attends a local public school in her neighborhood, which focuses on arts and culture.

Hina Matsuri 2014

I love being friends with Zoya Yumiko because we both have different cultures in our families. Even though we both have connections to Russia- Zoya's mom's family is European Russian and my biological family is from Khabarovsk; I am Asian Russian!  Zoya knows a lot about Russian and Japanese culture because of her heritage.  In this photo, we're celebrating Hina Matsuri, the Japanese holiday of Girls Day!

Inky & Zoya at the Beach

Zoya is a fantastic friend. We met because we live in the same apartment building. She goes to school down the street and I'm homeschooled. We still get to hang out together a lot since we live so close to each other. She goes to a special youth group for Slavic kids with me; usually we ride the train together!

Zoya has a really cute dog.  I'll have to ask her if I can take a photo of them together to add to the post later on! He is small and brown and white.

Do you have any friends with whom you share your heritage?
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