Saturday, April 23, 2016

10 Years of Blogging: Remembering 2010 and 2011

New York Snow Day

Hello my friends near and far! I'm so sorry for not updating for over a month. Things have been really busy around here with lots of schoolwork. However, I have an adventure planned to share with you as soon as I finish these memory posts! This one is for 2010 and 2011, very exciting years!


Marina, Princess of Queens

Here I am in Spring 2010 playing on the stoop of my our old apartment building. We ended up moving in summer 2010 to the apartment where we currently live. I love our new place but sometimes I miss the stoop and park near our old apartment!

Inky in the Rain

Spring 2010 had a lot of rain, but I didn't mind because I had a new raincoat!

Inky's Easter 2010

For our last Easter in our old apartment, I made special Russian egg carriers! They were so cute. I also received an Easter basket and dressed up in a dress- bleh!

Picnic in Flushing Meadows Park

That Spring was so fun! During hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, my family had a picnic in the park and I climbed a cherry tree. That year, we also celebrated the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. You can see the mascots of the games on my tee in this picture.

Inky's Zakumi shirt

2010 was a big year for sports! As my family was moving, the 2010 FIFA World Cup went on. My parents got me a Zakumi (he was the mascot of the event) tee and I pretended to be a champion soccer player. I was rooting for the Netherlands in the final and was pretty bummed when they lost to Spain!


My best friend, Violet, came to visit me that summer. We had a great time playing on Fire Island. We got my parents to let us stay until sunset and climbed up on a lifeguard chair to watch the sun go down.

Celebrating International Red Panda Day!

Of course Violet and I had to celebrate International Red Panda Day! Red Pandas are my absolute, all-time favorite animal. We worked very hard to make a cool red panda mask.


Just before Violet left to home to Utah, our friend Sophie came to visit from France! We all worked together to make an awesome jack o'lantern for Halloween.


I celebrated my 11th birthday with an Uglydoll party. My mama made me an Ice Bat cake- wasn't it awesome?


Central Park with Maiki

2011 was a great year too. It started off with meeting a dear friend I know from the internet. Her name is Maiki and she lives in Hawaii! She was in town to do a hula demonstration. She's a great dancer! We really enjoyed meeting each other. One of my dreams is to visit her in Hawaii.


In the spring, I went to Utah to visit a dear friend of mine- Piper! We had so much fun together.


I went on a very, very special trip in the summer of 2011, to Ukraine! I visited my great-grandma in Sevastopol. This photo is of me playing on a beach on the Black Sea.  It's so beautiful there. Sevastopol is on the Crimean peninsula. I'm very, very lucky to have gotten to go there!

Thirty Two

This is me playing by the fountains in Shevchenko Gardens in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Kharkov is my favorite, favorite city in the world! I had a great time spending a few weeks with my family there.

Cape Cod 2011

When we got back from Ukraine, my family took a trip to one of our favorite places in the United States- Cape Cod! I love playing on the beach! It was so different from the beach in Sevastopol. I don't know which I liked better!


Maiki came back to NYC over Labor Day weekend and we went hiking at Jamaica Bay. This was also a special hike because the very next year, Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage to the pond there.


I traveled so much in 2011! In October, I got to go visit my grandma, Mama's mama, in New Mexico! We explored Chaco Canyon. Chaco Canyon is very special to my mama's family and her ancestors.


I celebrated my birthday in November with my friends!  Here I am with Coral, Sonali, Nell, and Ksenia!

Inky at the Nutcracker

My family has lots of traditions. One of them is that I always wear a pretty dress in December and go with my moms to see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Here I am in my silver dress in the promenade seeing the NYC Ballet!

And that was 2010 and 2011. Whoa! I did so much in only two years. I'll be back soon with a peek at 2012 and 2013.

Monday, March 14, 2016

10 Years of Blogging: Remembering 2008 and 2009

New T-shirt!

Hello again, my friends! My throwback posts commemorating 10 years of blogging continue with this entry. I'm going to share photos of 2008 and 2009! In 2007, I moved to NYC, where I still live today, but many of these photos are from my travels. Enjoy them!


Thirty three

The first big adventure of 2008 was going to Utah to visit my best friend in the whole world, Violet! We went to Canyonlands National Park and hiked and played in the red, red rocks.


In this photo, I am in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC! I went to visit the pandas on our way home after a trip back to the Midwest to visit my extended family.

Camping in Wellfleet

That summer, I also went to Cape Cod for the first time! Now it's a family favorite, but then, we were still working out our family's favorite spots. In this picture, I'm camping in Wellfleet in my own tent!


I also discovered the Webrangers website and worked through every last one of the games! Wow! I earned a special patch for my hard work.


Violet and I have more frequent flyer miles than most dolls! She came to visit me in Summer 2008 and we explored Cape Cod. We even found a tiny hermit crab on the beach!


In the fall, I flew out to Utah again! I visited Violet and we had lots of fun adventures. We were so sad to say goodbye to each other! Violet is the best friend a girl could ever have.



In 2009, I met my friend Sonali and she took me dog sledding. So cool!

Inky and Zuly playing Wii

I also made friends with a girl named Zuleikha. The two of us played Wii quite a bit that summer as it rained all the time!

Grand Canyon 2009

Later in the summer, Violet and her parents took me with them to the Grand Canyon!! Wow!!

I think 2008 and 2009 were really fun years. I'm glad I had the opportunity to spend so much time with Violet! What did you do in 2008 and 2009?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 Years of Blogging: Remembering 2006 and 2007!

Waiting for the Avtolux

Hello my friends! Guess what! March 9, 2016 was the 10 year anniversary of me beginning my blog! I started my blog on March 9, 2006 with a brief post about a trip to Ukraine.  I had just landed in Kiev, wow! In honor of the occasion, I'm going to post a bunch of photos that will take you on a trip through my blog over the past decade.


Super Hot Dog, anyone?

In March 2006, I journeyed to Ukraine and explored the city of Kharkov, where Mama lived as a girl.

Too dark- but Inky on the Waterfront

I also went to Seattle, Washington in August.

Inky at Bridal Veil Falls

On that same trip, I went to Portland, Oregon and hiked to Bridal Veil Falls.

Inky rides the rails

In December I went to New Mexico to visit my grandmother and got to climb on this cool Santa Fe railcar in her yard!



My first trip in 2007 was to New York City! This photo of me was taken in Times Square. This photo is silly to me because now that I live in New York City, I really don't like going to Times Square!

Thirty nine

That June, I went to Ukraine again with my best friend, Violet. We had a fantastic time exploring Kharkov and Kiev!

Make a wish!

I moved with my moms to New York City in August, and in November I celebrated my birthday with friends.

Inky at Lincoln Center

In December, I wore my fancy coat to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

And those are the highlights of 2006 and 2007! Tune in soon for more peeks into the past!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Baking Dala horse cookies with Elin


Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not posting for so long.


My family has had lots of visitors and other family events, so I haven't been able to find the time to write. February is still wintry weather in NYC, so I've been spending time indoors. The other day, my new friend, Elin, came over to teach me to make Dala horse cookies!


Elin was my friend Coral's friend first. She lives with her moms in Brooklyn. She was born in Brooklyn, but has actually lived most of her life in Sweden because her moms are Swedish! Elin is very lucky to take Swedish culture classes to stay connected with her home. At Christmastime, her class made Dala horse cookies and Elin promised to teach me to make them! Elin is not just Swedish though- one of her moms immigrated to Sweden from the Canary Islands! One of my favorite things about living in the city is how diverse my group is friends is. I'm so lucky!


My moms said that Elin and I could make the cookies ourselves, except for the oven part. We set to work measuring the ingredients and mixing them together.  It was so much fun to use the big stand mixer!


Once we had all the ingredients mixed into dough, we sat around and talked for an hour while the dough chilled. Finally it was time to roll out the dough! To roll out the dough, we sprinkled flour on the table and then carefully used the rolling pin to get the dough to just the right thickness.


A key part of making Dala horse cookies is the cookie cutter. Elin brought over her family's Dala horse cookie cutter that she and her moms use to make their cookies.  I felt very special using a real Dala horse cookie cutter that came all the way from Sweden!


Elin and I took turns using the cookie cutter and made lots and lots of horse cookies!


Elin carefully transferred the horse cookies to the cookie sheet and then my mama put them into the oven to bake.


As the cookies baked, we got the decorating supplies ready! Cookie icing can be a bit tricky to work with, so my mama helped us put together the pastry bag for the icing.  Finally, the first cookie was ready! We didn't have any trivets, so Mama put the cookie sheet on a baking mitt.


Elin is so good at icing cookies! She worked carefully on the first few cookies to show me what to do.  Dala horses are often a bright red color, so we chose to make our cookies red as well. We put blue saddles on all the horses and one special cookie even got a white bridle.


Soon we had a stack of beautiful Dala horse cookies! We split the cookie with the bridle on the spot and each took half of the remaining cookies to keep for our families.


I had a great time having Elin over to my apartment so she could teach me to make Dala horse cookies!  She's a great friend and I'm excited for her to teach me more about Sweden- and maybe even the Canary Islands!

Do you ever make cookies? What is your favorite kind of cookie?

In this post I'm wearing: tee by Royal Doll Boutique and apron by Williams Sonoma and American Girl.
Elin's wearing: oxford shirt by Liberty Jane Clothing and apron by A Bee Line.
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