Thursday, September 22, 2016

UBC's Museum of Anthropology

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Hello my friends! On my last day in Vancouver, I was able to visit the University of British Columbia!  My parents and I took two buses to get there and then a shuttle bus to get to our destination - the Museum of Anthropology!  It's a great museum on campus that has a wonderful collection of items from the Pacific Northwest (and other places too!)

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

The museum is bright and airy. I really enjoyed exploring it. One of my favorite pieces is this carved bear.  I love its teeth!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

This is a beautiful sculpture called "Raven and the First Men," which was created by the famous Haida sculptor, Bill Reid.  Isn't it gorgeous? I stood and looked at it for a long time.  The sculpture shows the Haida story of the first men.  One day Raven saw a special clamshell with tiny humans emerging from it.  Raven encouraged them to come out and those people became the first Haida people!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

This is me with another bear sculpture. I think Northwest Native art is beautiful.  I am so lucky that I go to visit the Museum of Anthropology! I have seen some Northwest Native art at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, but it is much nicer to see it in the place where it's from!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

The last thing I looked at before leaving the museum was the Open Storage section. This part of the museum has lots of glass cases (vitrines) and glass-topped drawers so that you can see all the items that are not on exhibition.  I was really enjoying looking at pottery from New Mexico with my Mama with my Mom called me over to see something special! It was a beautiful salmon skin robe from the Nanai people near Khabarovsk, Russia! I was very happy because I am Nanai! My parents adopted me in Khabarovsk when I was little.

For the rest of the day, I had a big smile on my face. I wonder if I am related to the person who made the robe so long ago? Wouldn't that be cool?

Have you ever been to a museum? What kinds of things did it have in it? Did you enjoy yourself?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Salt Spring Island Adventure!

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

On my second full day in British Columbia, my moms and I did something really special! We woke up very early to ride a train and then a bus to catch a ferry to Salt Spring Island! Salt Spring Island is the biggest of the southern Gulf Islands.  I had been hearing some cool stuff about it, so I was very excited that my parents agreed to take me.

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

The ferry we rode went from Tsawwassen to Long Harbour. It was about a 3 hour ride with a few stops on the way. The ferry ride was so beautiful! My friend Léonie, who had to ride a ferry to get to Vancouver, told me she sometimes sees whales on her ride! I didn't see any whales, though I had wanted to see orcas, but it was still such a gorgeous trip.

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Salt Spring Island is a really neat place. One of my all time favorite artists, the writer/illustrator Nick Bantock, lives there! We took a bus from Long Harbour to the little town of Ganges.  Ganges is pretty cute! There is an adorable ice cream shop (yummy!) and Black Sheep Books.  I bought some postcards at Black Sheep Books to send to my friends from the little post office.

After we did some shopping in Ganges, we went on a hike! It was a very hot day.  It was so green and beautiful.

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

After our hike, we went to a restaurant by the water called Moby's.  It was so delicious! Then, we walked back to the main part of Ganges.  The boats were so festive looking.  I felt like I was walking around in a postcard.

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

I really loved my time on Salt Spring Island. Before long, it was time to go back to Long Harbour to catch the ferry to Tsawwassen.  The taxi driver let me know about a special little place I could go to explore, which is where this photo was taken.  I was so sad that we only got one day on the island, but now I know for myself how beautiful it is in the Gulf Islands!

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Before long, the ferry pulled up and it was time to board. We took a much smaller ferry back to Tsawwassen, but it was still lots of fun!

Inky on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

As the ferry moved away from Long Harbour, the sun was setting.  There are houses all along the harbor and it was fun to wave to other kids from the deck of the ferry.  Before long, Salt Spring Island was out of sight and a big full moon rose over the water. It was so beautiful! I took some photos but they did not look very good because the moon always looks much smaller in photos.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit Salt Spring Island on my trip to British Columbia! Have you ever visited an island? Where was it? Did you have fun?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lonsdale Quay with Léonie!

Lonsdale Quay

The same day that I went to the aquarium, I also had the excitement of meeting a new friend! My friend Léonie, or Léo, lives in Victoria, a city near Vancouver here in Canada.  Léonie suggested that we meet up at Lonsdale Quay to do some exploring and hanging out.  It was really cool! I took the Seabus across the harbor to meet her.

Lonsdale Quay

Léonie was waiting for me at the Quay. We hugged right away and started talking about how cool Vancouver is.

Lonsdale Quay

This is me with Léo outside the Lonsdale Quay market.  Can you see the faint skyline of Vancouver in the background? The locks on the fence represent true love.  A lot of couples come with a lock, which they attach to the fence and then throw the key in the water. It represents eternal love! I have seen these locks in Ukraine and London as well.  In fact, there is a bridge in Paris with so much love locks that they almost broke the bridge. Yikes!

Lonsdale Quay

Léonie and I liked being outside more than being indoors, so we took a walk around the park. It's gorgeous there! The park comes right up to Vancouver Harbor, so you can see the beautiful skyline. It looks nicer in this photo than the previous one! Léonie says the water is very cold!

Lonsdale Quay

Léonie is an excellent tour guide! I'm really glad I got to hang out with a real Canadian while I was in Vancouver, instead of just my family. I mean, my family is nice! But having a local friend show you around is awesome sauce.

Lonsdale Quay

The two of us found lots of cute mosaics on the wall that keeps the harbor water from the park. Léonie liked this butterfly/firefly/dragonfly best; so did I! What do you think it is?

Lonsdale Quay

Léonie and I discovered this cool statue thing in Waterfront Park! I think it looks kind of spidery.  I pretended I was a dwarf or hobbit in Mirkwood Forest, trying to escape giant spiders! I forgot to ask Léo if she likes Tolkien! Do you think she does?

Lonsdale Quay

I loved Waterfront Park.  It was cool thinking that just a few days before, I was at home in New York, which is also a harbor city - just on a different ocean.  I love the West Coast! The East Coast is home right now, but someday it would be so cool to live in the Northwest.

Lonsdale Quay

This beautiful statue was a gift from the port city of Incheon in South Korea to Vancouver! I wonder how old it is? I know it's Korean, but it does remind me a little of Easter Island's moai.

Lonsdale Quay

Léo and I also found this giant red buoy! Wow, I love the ocean! Léonie does too.  We had lots of good talks on our day together. I encouraged her to watch The Octonauts, my favorite show. It's all about animals in the ocean! Plus? The creators, Meomi, are from Vancouver!

Lonsdale Quay

I had a wonderful afternoon with Léonie.  It's always fun to meet friends that you know online, but haven't met in real life.  I really, really like Vancouver and I hope to be back to see Léonie again soon!

Have you ever been to a harbor or waterfront? Where was it and what did you see?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Vancouver Aquarium

Inky stands in front of a blue South-Side-Up globe at the Vancouver Aquarium

Hi everyone! It's me, Inky! I am home from one of my latest adventures - a trip to British Columbia and the west coast of the United States! My family decided to visit the Pacific Northwest because my Mom had a conference there. Plus, my Mama has wanted to visit British Columbia ever since she was a little girl, younger than me!

We arrived in Vancouver on a Tuesday night.  The very next morning, it was time for our first adventure- the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park! Do you like this giant globe behind me? See how it's south-side-up? Isn't that cool? According to the aquarium, it's upside down to make visitors consider the oceans first when looking at our Earth, not the continents. Cool, right?

Vancouver Aquarium

The very first thing we did at the aquarium after visiting the globe in the rotunda was see the belugas! There are two belugas at the aquarium- Qila, the one in the photo, and her mama, Aurora. Qila is so funny! Belugas are extremely intelligent and you can definitely see that with Qila.

I loved the show.  I learned so much about belugas! Did you know that Greenland sharks, orcas, and polar bears are all predators of belugas? That made me sad, but it is all part of the circle of life.  Beluga whales are awesome.  They have big round middles and a big bump, or "melon," forehead.  I'm really happy I got to see Qila and Aurora!

Vancouver Aquarium

This is a photo of me with the penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium! Do you see them just to the right of my head? I love penguins too! The penguins at the aquarium are African penguins- did you know there are penguins in Africa? Awesome! While belugas are from the Arctic Ocean, penguins live in the Antarctic Ocean.  Good thing I came to the aquarium so that I could see both in one day!

Vancouver Aquarium

Wow! Aren't these guys amazing? They are jellies, a type of invertebrate. They have no bones, no heart, and no brain. Yikes! They are so beautiful swimming around their big exhibit.

Vancouver Aquarium

Check out these fish! Isn't their exhibit cool? It's got urchins in it, lots of fish, and lots and lots of rocks! I am a little afraid of fish, but in a good way.  My friend Maiki, who lives in Hawaii, has invited me to come snorkeling with her if I visit her! I am a little afraid though, because fish seem so slippery and scary! Are you afraid of any animals?

Vancouver Aquarium

Clownfish Cove is a neat part of the Vancouver Aquarium that is aimed at kids. It's a room full of different activities, such as touching different things and looking in smaller exhibits. I liked these crabs and sea stars!

Vancouver Aquarium

Here are some more jellies! I could not stop watching them swim; they are so mesmerizing! Still, the Vancouver Aquarium wasn't the only item on my family's agenda that day, so I had to move on.

Vancouver Aquarium

The last place we stopped before leaving the aquarium was its gift shop! I really, really wanted one of these narwhal plush toys. I love narwhals! My parents reminded me that we hadn't seen narwhals that day. Plus they were so big that they would never fit in my little suitcase, especially with their long tusks! I ended up getting a magnet instead.

I loved visiting the Vancouver Aquarium! I really recommend it if you go to Vancouver.  Plus, Stanley Park is full of big, beautiful trees. The walk from the bus was really nice. I'm happy we got to visit.

Have you ever been to an aquarium? Where was it and what was your favorite animal?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Packing for an Adventure!

Packing up!

August has been a busy month for my family! In fact, it's been a very, very busy summer. We've gone to the beach here in New York many times. We went to England and Ukraine.  We visited New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.  And now it was time for another adventure to somewhere we'd never been! It was such a big adventure that I needed to pack a lot of stuff.

Packing up!

This trip would take me to some very exciting places. I needed to pack my red REI packing cube full of different clothes, bring a camera, hiking boots, wellies, Keens, and of course my trusty passport! This would be our last big trip of the summer.

Did you go anywhere exciting this summer? What did you do?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

There She Blows! A Visit to New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park!

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

Hello my friends! I'm reporting from New Bedford, Massachusetts. New Bedford is famous for being an important location in the whaling trade. I know, whaling is so, so sad - but it's still important to learn about the history of the whaling industry.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

This summer is an especially important time to visit National Park Service sites because this August marks the 100 year birthday of the National Park Service!  My first park this August was New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.  It's a really cool park! The park is in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. There is a visitor center and a bunch of buildings you can visit.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

After picking up my Junior Ranger booklet, my parents and I began our walk around New Bedford.  Just outside the visitor center, we encountered these two nice ladies! Their husbands are whalers and they told us what it was like to be women back in the whaling days.  They were very vocal about women's suffrage- or the right of women to vote! I loved meeting them, but I'm glad I don't have to wear so many clothes in the heat!

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

One of the stops on the tour of New Bedford that Junior Rangers take is the New Bedford Whaling Museum! The first photo in this post- me with the white whale- is outside the museum.  This photo is at the museum too! There is a giant squid climbing the front of the museum! Inside, you can learn all about the whaling industry and whales themselves.  There are even really huge skeletons of whales! One thing I learned is that whalers were hunting whales to make products from their body parts.  Before electric power, many people lit their homes whale oil lamps! Whoa! Some women wore whale bone corsets. Finally, a third thing people used whales for was ambergris, which you can sometimes find in whale intestines (Yuck!). Ambergris was used in perfume and in wine.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

The ships that carried the whalers were pretty large with lots of men and boys aboard.  Women and girls only rarely came along.  In fact, the only job a woman could do on a whaling ship was shout "There she blows!" when a whale was spotted! Whaling ships killed whales by launching harpoons at them from whaleboats, which were smaller boats carried along on the ship.  The whale would pull the whaleboat along until the whale was exhausted- the process was sometimes called a "Nantucket Sleighride!" It was very sad, I think.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

I loved seeing all the older buildings in New Bedford. I imagine that many of them were built with funds from whaling.  I asked my moms to take me to New Bedford because of a song by my favorite band, The Decemberists. The song is called The Mariner's Revenge Song and it's about a young man seeking revenge for his mother's ruin and death.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

I really loved going to the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park! When I finished my self-guided walking tour, I headed back to the Visitor Center to receive my badge! (You can also take a guided tour, but we arrived just a bit too late for it.) After giving me my badge and helping me take an oath, Ranger Andrew and I posed in front of this whaling ship for a photo! I was so proud.

I think whaling is really sad, but in the past, I don't know if people realized how dangerous it was to kill so many whales. Whales reproduce so slowly that it is very difficult for their populations to recover.  Today many whales are endangered or extinct.

If you'd like to learn more about whaling and New Bedford's role in the whaling industry, check out their website at! What do you think, would you want to visit this National Historical Park?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet My Friends: Sonali


Hello my friends! As I haven't been traveling since my trip to Europe, I've decided to really focus on introducing my friends. I hope that's okay with everyone! We'll get back to my adventures as soon as I have a new one.

So! Today I am introducing my friend Sonali! Sonali lives in my neighborhood with her family.  Her dad and uncle run a chat house, or South Asian snack shop, around the corner from our building.  Her mom works at the local elementary school, which Sonali also attends. The school focuses on cultural and performing arts, so Sonali gets to attend lots of cool performances and events.


Sonali is such a fun friend! She and I love to go to the local library together.  The children's room is great! It has tons of books to read and computers to use for play or studying.  Sonali and I both like adventure stories- her favorite book is Katherine Rundell's Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms, while I love Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series.

Sonali in the Military Blues Outfit

Sonali is learning to play violin! She is learning using the Suzuki method and is very disciplined.  I really admire how hard she works.  Sonali looks so cool carrying her violin in its case on her back around the neighborhood.

My Fair Milwaukee dress

I'm really lucky to have a good friend like Sonali right in my apartment building.  She's had a scooter for years, but now that I have one too, we love riding them to her family's chat house for kulfi popsicles! Kulfi is a kind of Indian ice cream.  Sonali and I love the mango and pistachio flavors best!


I love having Sonali nearby! Do you have friends who live in your apartment building or neighborhood? Do you hang out together a lot?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Meet My Friends: Ksenia

Ksenia Khazanova

Hi everyone! Today is really hot and muggy outside, so I'm stuck inside for a bit. Since I'm indoors this afternoon, I decided to do another post in my Meet My Friends series! You can click on a list of all my previous entries at this link.

Ready to get started? This is my friend Ksenia! Her nickname is Ksyusha and she lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  Ksenia is from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She's of Russian and Kazakh descent.

Sochi Olympics 2014

Ksenia is really, really intelligent. She goes to a school with a special program for gifted kids who are bilingual in Russian and English! She loves to play Erudit, which is a Russian version of Scrabble, and is hoping to join her school's Scrabble team.  Living in a high-rise apartment in Brighton Beach means she lives right next to the ocean! She loves to walk on the boardwalk and get ice cream from the trucks that park by the ramps that lead up to the boardwalk.


Like me, Ksenia loves animals. Her favorites are deer and giant pandas. She's a fantastic friend! We both go to a youth group for kids who speak Russian and other Slavic languages; that's actually where we met.

Ksenia Khazanova

Ksenia is so nice.  We don't see each other as often as I'd like, because of school and other commitments, but I always enjoy hanging out with her.

Do you have any friends who go to a different school than you do?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Meet My Friends: Coral

Coral as Marie/ Clara

Hello, hello! It's time for another edition in my Meet My Friends series for my blog. I've been slowly making a special page of all my friends. You can get to it at this link, or by clicking on the "My Friends" link below my header image.

Most of you know my friend Coral. Her full name is Coral Jade Takiwira.  She's from Wellington, New  Zealand! Coral lives in Brooklyn now with her dad and her au pair (a kind of nanny).  Coral's dad works for the United Nations in Manhattan! Coral is half Māori. The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand!

Coral's Maori outfit

Coral loves to dance! This picture shows her in her traditional Māori dance outfit.  I initially met Coral through a mutual friend, Maiki.  Coral doesn't just do traditional Māori dance though!

Coral celebrates National Dance Day!

Coral is an accomplished ballet student! She practices every single day- even when she's on vacation!

Coral in her bedroom

Coral studies ballet at a famous school in Lincoln Center- do you like her school sweatshirt? Her bedroom has its own ballet barre and the walls are covered in posters from her favorite ballet company, the New York City Ballet.

Coral in Coppélia

One of Coral's first performances in New York was as a Golden Hour in the ballet Coppélia! Isn't her costume beautiful? The Golden Hours appear at the end of the ballet. They dance to celebrate the new bell tower!

Coral as a Midsummer Fairy

Even though Coral's costume for Coppélia is very detailed, her favorite ballet is A Midsummer Night's Dream! This is Coral in her costume. She played a fairy, one of the many bugs and fairies who accompany the fairy king, Oberon!

Coral as Marie/ Clara

Coral's biggest role so far was Marie, the main character of The Nutcracker! She danced every other night for over a month. Wow!

Coral makes loom bracelets!

When Coral's not dancing, she loves to relax and read. She's also pretty good at making bracelets on her rainbow loom, as you can see in this photo!

Happy Easter Coral!

I love how friends can be so different but still get along like two peas in a pod! I love camping, hiking, and playing outside. Coral loves dressing up in beautiful costumes to dance. She also likes wearing dresses and soft colors when she's not dancing.  Do you like her dress and floral crown in this photo?

Flushing Meadows Park

Coral is a great friend. I'm so glad she moved to New York City from New Zealand!

Do you have any friends who have moved to your town from far away? Tell me about them!
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