Saturday, March 25, 2006

Leaving Ukraine

By the Buses

When my family visits Kharkov, we take a bus there from the airport near Kiev. Of course, this means I have to travel back to Kiev by bus as well! Today is the day that I will have to leave Kharkov and travel back home to Wisconsin. It will take me over 24 hours! Here I am in the bus yard, waiting for the Avtolux coach to take me to Kiev. Ready to journey across eastern Ukraine?

Inky in Lublin, crossing the country by bus

Here is a tower in Lublin, one of the places where the bus stops. Isn't the sky blue? It's so refreshing to be under the blue sky after days of cloudy grey sky.

Picking out a drink at a kiosk

At the rest stop, you can buy some juice! Yum. Can you tell which flavors of juice are available at this shop, even if you can't read Russian?

When does our bus to Kiev leave?

Here is the sign that tells you what time the buses to Kiev leave! I think it looks vintage. :)

Bunny bread. The woman in the bunny bread kiosk loved Inky.

This is a bakery stall. Can you tell what shape the breads are in? They're bunnies! The lady who was selling them told me that I am very cute.

Off to Kiev!

Then it was time to go to our next stop. So long, Lublin!

Good bye Piryatin!

This stop is Piryatin. The red sign above the minibus says "Avtostantsiya," or "Bus Station." I didn't walk around much at this stop.

Riding on the bus. No seatbelts in Ukraine.

Finally, I got back on the bus. Once we got the airport, things were too busy to take more photos, so this is my last photo from my Ukraine trip this time. Goodbye Ukraine! I hope I see you again soon!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Exploring Kharkov

Inky at the Metro Station

Привет! That spells "privyet," which means "hello!" in Russian.  I'm here to show you around Kharkov, Ukraine. Kharkov is a city with about 1.5 million people.  It's in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border.  It's one of my favorite places in the whole world!

Inky on the Square

Here I am in front of the Kharkov Oblast administration building. Can you see the tiny Ukrainian flag on top? In real life, it's not so tiny, but it does look like it from down here!

Inky on Sumskaya

Behind me, in this photo, is Freedom Square.  It's one of the largest squares in Europe.  One of the special things about Freedom Square is the big Lenin statue. I forgot to take a photo of it- maybe next time!

Super Hot Dog, anyone?

Of course, after all that exploring, it was time for a snack! Can you tell what these signs say? They're in Russian! There is pizza, a "super" hot dog, a cheeseburger, and pirozhki. Pirozhki are little hand pies. I LOVE them. My favorite kind is potato.

Obmin Valyuti- the money changers.

After I enjoyed some little potato pirozhki, it was time to change some money. I know this is a pretty boring photo, but Mama insisted I take a photo to remember the exchange rate! The exchange rate tells you how much Ukrainian grivnas are worth. From this sign, you can tell that about 5 grivnas equal 1 dollar. That means 1 grivna is about 20 cents.  Mama told me that when she was young, 1 grivna was 50 cents. What do you think the rate will be in 10 years? I guess we will find out!

So that's my little tour of Kharkov! Thanks for visiting one of my favorite cities with me!

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Arriving in Kiev

Waiting for the Avtolux

Hello my friends! So begin my adventures. I'm Inky and I'm 11 years old.  One thing that is special about me is that I was born in Russia.  While my family hasn't traveled back to Russia since I was adopted, we do go to Ukraine! In this photo, taken this evening, I am arriving at Kiev's Boryspil Airport for a two week trip to Ukraine.

I'm so excited to be back where many people speak Russian.  I'm looking forward to eating comfort foods and exploring new places in the city where we'll be staying. Hurray! I hope you'll join me on my adventures.

Your friend,
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