Sunday, August 13, 2006

Exploring Portland

On the Willamette

Hello again from Portland! This time, I'm exploring the city! Portland has tons of bridges; they remind me of the Sleater-Kinney song called "Light Rail Coyote." As I saw different things from the song, I was reminded that we were there to say good-bye to Sleater-Kinney. :(

Inky and Stormtrooper

I don't really remember what everything was called, but there was a big convention center we passed as we walked around Portland. I think there was some sort of Star Wars conference because there lots of people in Star Wars costumes. Here I am with a storm trooper. My mom won't know what he is! She has never seen any of the Star Wars movies; isn't that silly? My mama, however, loves them. And so do I!

Watching the Light Rail Max with a seal

One of the cool things about Portland are these cool animal statues. Here I am with a sea lion watching the Light Rail go by!

At Portland's Pioneer Square

This picture of me with a beaver statue is the last photo from my trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from my Sleater-Kinney goodbye trip! Ciao!

Portland's International Rose Test Garden

Inky overlooking PDX

Good morning from sunny Portland, Oregon! I'm here with my mama and my auntie to see Sleater-Kinney's farewell shows. We also did some exploring in Portland. Today we went to the International Rose Test Garden.

Inky with Roses

There were roses in many sizes, ranging from huge to tiny. What do you think of these pretty ones?

Inky at the International Rose Test Garden

How about these pale pink ones? Roses have a very pleasant smell, but I hate how rose-flavored things taste. Yuck!

Inky in the International Rose Test Garden

If you're ever in Portland, you definitely need to visit the International Rose Test Garden! I really loved it and I highly recommend it!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Visiting Oregon!

Inky on the Columbia River (bad hair day)

Not too long after I visited Naomi in Seattle, my mama and I drove down to Portland, Oregon! Here I am near the Columbia River. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the blue, blue water and the blue, blue sky.


It was so warm and beautiful outside, but soon it would be time for a hike!

Inky at Bridal Veil Falls

Mama, my auntie, and I hiked to Bridal Veil Falls outside Portland! It was a great hike and the waterfall is so beautiful. Of course, it was hard work hiking back up to the parking lot after we went to the falls! If you ever go to Portland, I recommend going there!

Well, those are all the photos I have today! Bye!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Seattle's Space Needle


One of the cooler places I've ever been is here: the Space Needle!  It is 605 feet tall. This photo is not that great, but you can see the city of Seattle below me.  It was a great way to spend the evening.

Visiting Seattle & Naomi

Too dark- but Inky on the Waterfront

Hello my friends! Can you tell where I am today? I'm in Seattle, Washington! I'm on the west coast to visit my friend Naomi and see the final concerts of my favorite band, Sleater-Kinney.  Today I'm visiting the Public Market in Seattle with Naomi.

Good friends on the Pier

Naomi is from a Seattle suburb, so she knows her way around very well. She's very nice and has very, very long hair!


Naomi and I went to pirate shop. We tried on these pirate hats; do we look menacing to you? I didn't think so!


How about now? Yikes! Look at all those skulls!

Yo Ho Ho and an armful of... dolls

This pirate was very obliging; he picked us up and showed us around the store. Heehee! Just kidding, he was a statue!

Inky and Naomi check out the pirate ships

Look at this amazing model boat! Can you imagine what it would be like to sail on a boat like this one, maybe even whaling? Yikes!


At the pirate shop there was a big chest full of shiny, plastic pirate's booty! Naomi and I played in it for a long time, pretending we'd just found a trunk of buried treasure on a deserted island.  In the end, we didn't buy any, but it was fun while we were there!

Chillin' like a villain with Naomi

Well, those are all the pictures I have for today! I hope you enjoy this picture of me and Naomi playing on the statue's butt!
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