Thursday, March 8, 2007

Поздравления с 8 Марта!!! Happy International Women's Day!!

It's March 8, Women's Day! Happy, Happy greetings to all my friends!

I couldn't send anyone flowers because I don't believe in the flower trade, but here's a picture of me this summer in Portland. If you were all here, I would make you rainbow cupcakes and tall glasses of Effervé (for all those who aren't Bea, that's sparkling French lemonade!).

Also, I want to wish a very special Women's Day to all the friends I got to meet in the past year- Noelle, Maia, Shu Lien and Lucy, Kirsten, and Naomi.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Cold War Unicorns

How come my birthday isn't until NOVEMBER? I really want these toys! I saw them yesterday at Pop Deluxe and now I really really want them! I keep trying to remember that Lenin and Marx probably never had really awesome unicorn toys, but it's hard. I love presents! I got a really awesome sled for New Year, plus a really great new school uniform around that time too. And I got a new set of Erudit in January.

But these unicorns are awesome! I would make myself a glove out of tinfoil and smash the Capitalist Unicorn with my Iron Fist! Awesome! Rock!

I wish I were old enough to get my own credit card. Stinkbugs.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Meet Ice Bat!

Chillin like a villain with my toys!

Hey guys! It's Saturday, hurrah!

I had to go birthday present shopping on Wednesday to pick out a present for my friend Bea. I hate birthday present shopping because I don't get to pick out anything for ME! I wrapped Bea's present in pretty paper and tried really hard not to open it and play with it.

I'm okay now because I got a new Ice Bat! I loved my Ice Bat so much, but during my travels, I lost him. Ice Bat likes to fly and attack Cheburashka. Cheburashka looks all scared and runs away.

So guys what are your favorite toys? I LOVE Cheburashka and Ice Bat. I also like Frog and Toad.
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