Monday, March 5, 2007

Cold War Unicorns

How come my birthday isn't until NOVEMBER? I really want these toys! I saw them yesterday at Pop Deluxe and now I really really want them! I keep trying to remember that Lenin and Marx probably never had really awesome unicorn toys, but it's hard. I love presents! I got a really awesome sled for New Year, plus a really great new school uniform around that time too. And I got a new set of Erudit in January.

But these unicorns are awesome! I would make myself a glove out of tinfoil and smash the Capitalist Unicorn with my Iron Fist! Awesome! Rock!

I wish I were old enough to get my own credit card. Stinkbugs.

1 comment:

  1. Mom's birthday is in November too! It stinks waiting for your birthday...but thankfully there are enough of us around here, we get cake and icecream just about every month! (And twice a month in October!)


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