Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring! Presents! Lake!

April Snow
So, two days after I went to Neko Case, we had a giant snowstorm. In April. I thought I'd left Siberia! The next day, everything melted and there were rivers and lakes of melted snow in the yard and in the roads.

I made a lasso out of yarn and I was trying to play rodeo with the cats when the doorbell rang! It was a package- for me!

Thanks Yoshimi!
An awesome Seattle outfit from Yoshimi! It's so cool. I love the hoodie and the plaid shirt. They're so cozy warm! Plus? We had snow so I didn't have to wait until autumn to wear it! It's so cool. I like to wear it and pretend I'm Yoshimi battling the pink robots. We don't have any pink robots here, but if you want you can pretend my cat is a robot.

Now it is all sunny again. My friend Iris and I went to Picnic Point and Frautschi Point today. They're on a peninsula that pokes out into Lake Mendota. Frautschi Point is named after Pleasant Rowland's husband because he gives lots and lots of money to our city. On Frautschi point we hung out on the bridge. I took lots of pictures of Iris but I didn't let her hold the camera at all. You can't see them yet because I have to upload them to the computer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meeting Neko Case!


Leaping Lenins, I had the most awesome day EVER!!! First, I had to go to the post office to mail some presents to Cadence. She's pretty cool. Anyway, my Mama made me this Neko Case shirt for Easter- and my Mom gave me a ticket to go see her tonight!

So, I got to go to the Barrymore Theater. I was really excited, because there are twinkling lights sprinkled over the ceiling that look like stars. I put on my cowboy hat too, because Neko Case is classified as country according to iTunes.

At the Barrymore

Here I am with the marquee! My hat is falling forward in this picture and I look like a complete earmuffer. We sat in the back row in the concert, because my parents are old and boring. I danced a lot! I was really, really hoping Neko would play the song about John the Baptist. She left without playing it, but I clapped really, really hard and she came back out and played it!

Then, my Mama bought a t-shirt, because she was envious that I have one. And guess what? Neko Case came out and I got to meet her!!! She signed my shirt and everything!!! It was the most awesomest thing ever!

More Awesome!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

С праздником Пасхи! Happy Easter from me, Inky!

Happy Easter Inky!

С праздником Пасхи! Happy Easter from me, Inky!

This year, my Easter and Iris' Easter are on the same day. Isn't that awesome? My family isn't Christian, really, but I still celebrate Orthodox Easter because it's fun and it's part of my Russian heritage. I made pysanky (easter eggs) last year, but they're still packed, so no eggs this year.

I got this awesome Easter basket from Josefina and Myfanwy! Thank you so much! There are these cool bunny candies and a chocolate rabbit and lots of jelly beans. I've never had an Easter basket before! I also received a new backpack from my parents, isn't it awesome? They also gave me a Neko Case shirt. And guess what else I got? Tickets to see Neko Case tomorrow!!

Happy Easter!

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