Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exploring Kiev- Ukraine's Capitol City

Twenty eight

Greetings from England! Violet and I are at the airport waiting for our flight to Detroit. Yesterday we had an awesome time on our last day in Ukraine. We went to the capitol city, Kiev, and walked all over the place.

Click the photo above to enjoy our album of Kiev- see you back in Wisconsin!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Summertime in Kharkov!


Violet & I have been having so much fun in Ukraine! Every day, there is something new to eat and explore. We've been in Kharkov for a week now, having adventures and sleeping in our big orange bed. Tomorrow, we leave for Kiev- our last stop in Ukraine before heading back to the USA.

Click on the photo above to see our album of our last day in Kharkov.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Freedom Square!


Good morning my friends! This morning, Violet and I woke up in the big, orange bed and started our day. We each had a plate of kasha with pickled peppers and a mug of Darjeeling tea. Then, we decided to make Freedom Square (or Площадь Свободы in Russian) our first stop.   Freedom Square is really, really big! One of the main features is this statue of Vladimir Lenin.  In this photo, I'm pretending to be him!


Here's Violetka with Lenin! Vladimir Lenin was a communist who helped to found and then lead the Soviet Union.


The Soviet Union fell in 1991, but the land, of course, is still here.  Ukraine was one of the Soviet Socialist Republics that made up the Soviet Union and today it is its own country.  


The plinth (base) of the statue is very, very big, especially when compared to two ten year-old girls. Like many kids, we love to climb on things, so climb on the Lenin statue's plinth we did!

Here's Violet with Freedom Square behind her. I took the photo while standing on the base of the Lenin statue. Isn't it huge? Wow!


Here we are again on the plinth! It really is huge, don't you think?


The summer sun was rising higher and higher in the sky. It was time for us to leave the square and start exploring the city! See you next time, Freedom Square!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to Kharkov!


Good morning! It's me, Inky! This morning I'm greeting you from sunny Kharkov.  I arrived here late last night after a long bus ride from Kiev.  Violet is still asleep. Let me try to wake her up!


"Wake up Violetka!"


Violet sat up in our big orange bed. "It's true!" she said. "We made it to Kharkov!" Violet has traveled all over the world, but it was her first time in Ukraine.


Outside on the balcony, I climbed down and greeted Violet. We were staying with my family in a part of Kharkov that is full of big apartment buildings. Our balcony looks out from the twelfth floor!


I encouraged Violet to climb up and look out over the edge of the balcony. It's an amazing view!


For as far as Violet could see, there were big apartment buildings. Wow! In between them were big, tall trees.


Down below, in the courtyard, Violet could see playgrounds and garages.  I know it doesn't look fancy like New York City, where I am moving this fall, but Kharkov will always be a very special city to me.  I'm glad I can share it with Violet!


Back inside, we sat on the big orange bed and chatted about the trip. We had arrived so late that neither of us really remembered reaching my family's apartment. It was an adventure coming to Ukraine! We would repeat it in reverse in a few weeks, but for now, we're in beautiful Kharkov! Hurrah!

Is there a city that is particularly special to your family? Where is it?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

En Route

Twenty one

Privyet my friends! Violetka and I are on our way to Ukraine! We started this morning in Wisconsin. Here's the gate agent scanning our tickets. We're going with my moms, but we are sitting together the whole way, pretending we're on our own!

Twenty two

I let Violet have the window seat. In return, she's letting me use her iPod. Thanks Violet!

Twenty three

To get to Kiev, we had to take three different planes. Our first stop was in Minneapolis. From Minneapolis we are going to Amsterdam. From there, we will go to Kiev and then take a bus across Ukraine to Kharkov, the city my family lives in. The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport has this awesome moose ride-on!

Twenty four

Here we are on a map that shows Minneapolis and St. Paul. We have a long way to go, but we're looking forward to it. Only a few more minutes before we board our flight to Amsterdam, which will be our longest.

Twenty five

Before I go, check out this photo of me and Violet this morning. That's right- the pilot let us sit in the cockpit! Wow! It was really cool. I think it's a good sign that our adventure started out with such a nice pilot. The next time I write, I'll be in Europe!

Have you ever taken a plane flight? Where did you go?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Surprise Trip!


Guess what! I have the best news ever! For reals!!! Violet and I are taking a trip to Ukraine!

Have you ever been on an international trip? Violet and I love to travel, but I haven't been abroad since my trip to Ukraine last March.  Hurrah! I cannot wait!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Super Corn! and Ice Bat

Finally! I got the unicorns!!! I am so excited. I put the American one away because it isn't very fun. I don't like how it has so many colors on its horn. But I kept this one! His name is Super Corn! Isn't he awesome? Ice Bat is riding him.

Ice Bat and Super Corn together are really cool. Super Corn can run on top of water and when they want to fly, Ice Bat flaps his wings and away they go. Later this afternoon, I will show them to Violet. Iris already asked if she can play with Super Corn and her ponies. Yeah right! No way! But Violet can play with the American unicorn if she wants to.

I wish I knew what the surprise is. Violet knows, but she won't tell! I think it is a trip, because there is a laundry basket in the living room full of weird things. Two gallon tubs of peanut butter, several bags of Jelly Belly beans, and a bunch of drawstring bags. I wonder what that means.

Okay! I have to go now. I hope that the next time I post, I can tell you the surprise!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Welcome Violet!

Violet and Inky
I have a visitor with me! Her name is Traveling Violetka. Oh wait, it's VioleT she says. She came to see me! Oh! And also my Mama says she will tell me and Violet about a surprise later, but that I should learn to use my camera really well. This picture Iris took because I wanted to be in it.

Iris and Jess
There's Iris! And Jess. You can tell I used the red eye reduction because they look shocked.

Traveling Violet and Iris's new necklaces
These are the necklaces that I made for Iris and Violetka! See, they are sign language letters for the start of their names. There was no purple one for Violetka so I picked red. Iris got a purple one. See! I used that red eye thing again. You can tell because their eyes look so big! Also the flash makes their teeth look very big.

Iris's toys
These are Iris's toys. You can tell because they are so pink and purple. Also you can tell because of her grocery bags. Iris likes to go to that store. She always goes to the olive bar. It is a big table with all kinds of stinky olives.

This is a picture I took of Violetka so she could show her mom that she got here safely. Okay. Later I will tell you about the surprise when I find out tomorrow! Bye!
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