Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Trimming the Tree

Tonight, Jess and I trimmed the tree!

Folding Cranes

Jess is Japanese and she taught me how to make different kinds of origami a few years ago, so we decided to decorate the ёлка with paper cranes! Luckily, we have lots and lots of origami paper.

Golden Crane

Jess made this really pretty golden crane. She's like a paper crane factory! We had a contest to see who could make 10 cranes first. The winner got the gold paper. Guess who won?

Folding Cranes

I only made 3 cranes TOTAL! Jess made about 20. She was really sweet and gave me a piece of her special washi paper since I didn't win the gold paper.

Trimming the Tree

Our ёлка is going to look so beautiful when we're done! If you look up at the top picture, you can see that I put my toy Sputnik on the star. Marisol says her family *always* has an angel on their Christmas tree, but Iris and Jess's families put stars. We compromised on a star, which was great because my family always puts a red Soviet star on our ёлка!

What are your favorite decorations during the winter holidays?

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  1. I love lots and lots of lights everywhere!


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