Friday, July 24, 2009

Moon Party

Tyotya Jess and I decided it would be so fun to throw a 40th anniversary moon party for Violetka! I organized the entire thing and we even made a moon cake! It even had a 40 made out of candy! Violet and I have been working on our album and want to post it soon, so I'll save most photos for that, but here is a sneak peek:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grand Canyon

Violence and I wrote this together, here it is:

DyaDya Ethan and Tyotya Jess and my best friend Violence invited me to Utah for part of the summer. I knew we'd also be vising the Grand Canyon while I was here, and Violet and I were so excited! Both Violence and I are pro Junior Rangers, we've become Jr. Rangers at all the parks we've visited together, and that's a lot of parks!

On Friday we left Utah and and entered Arizona! Violence hadn't ever been to Arizona, and I couldn't remember if I had. Either way, exploring a new state is totally awesome. Pretty soon we entered the prettiest forests, there were HUGE meadows everywhere and pine trees all around. Then we slowed down to enter the park. Violence and I wanted a sign near the park entrance, like always!
Grand Canyon 2009

Once we got to the park we checked in. Hurrah! DyaDya Ethan and Tyotya Jess rented a little cabin on the Grand Canyon rim! It was so perfect for Violence and I because it was close enough to a lot of the trails. We could even hike alone! Plus the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge was so so pretty. Violet and I loved all the old radios, the sculpture of Brighty the mule and the patios with really neat canyon views.

Over the weekend we went on a lot of really neat hikes! On one hike we even saw mules on the trail! One was really funny and had his tongue sticking out like he was really tired. He was so cute!

Don't we look awesome on our hikes? And check out the view.

Grand Canyon 2009

Grand Canyon 2009

Grand Canyon 2009
When DyaDya Ethan and Tyotya Jess wanted to relax at the cabin Violence and I worked on our Jr. Ranger booklet. This was a fun one because in once activity we had to be animal detectives. We saw lots of animals down there, mostly fat squirrels hanging around our cabin.

On the last day we said goodbye to our little cabin on the rim and said goodbye to the lodge. Before leaving though, we got our Jr. Ranger badges!

Grand Canyon 2009

Grand Canyon 2009

We have lots more photos from our trip that we'll upload into an album soon! Until then, you'll have to wait!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Grand Canyon

Violetka and I are home from the grandest of all canyons, the Grand Canyon. We are so tired, but we want to write a full entry on all the awesome things we did there. It will be posted soon.

Until then, here is the view!
Grand Canyon 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back in Utah!

Hurrah! I arrived in Utah two days ago for a visit with my best friend Violence! I haven't seen Violence for over six months. Can you believe that? It felt like such a long time. But last year I spent my birthday with her here in Utah.

Today Violet and I have a lot planned, we want to work on some tree house ideas, have a water balloon flight and pack for our upcoming trip to Grand Canyon.

Violetka was so happy to see me, and so surprised by all the presents Colette and I got her. I'm glad she is happy.

Back in Utah! Back at Violet's house, my second home.
Inky in Utah Summer 2009

See how happy she is?
Inky in Utah Summer 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heritage of Pride

Inky with Pride Flag

This weekend was fun! I went with my family to the Heritage of Pride parade in Manhattan. There were so many families like mine! I got this little flag as a souvenir and I waved it in the air as I watched all the floats go by.

After the parade, we went to Pridefest. I had fried plantains- yummy! There were fun games at different booths; I won a rainbow discoball keychain from the Dancing with the Stars booth. I love going to festivals and parades!

Have you ever been to a festival or parade? What was it like?
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