Sunday, January 10, 2010

С Новым 2010 годом! Happy New Year!

Inky's New Year Gifts

Happy New Year! I haven't been able to post much over the past six weeks because I've been really, really busy with something special. Still, I celebrated New Year! On New Year's Eve, I dressed up in my new holiday dress from Liberty Jane. Ded Moroz (Father Frost) came just before midnight and brought me my New Year presents! I also had two presents under the tree from my friend Violet and her parents, my Tyotya Jess and DyaDya Ethan.

Inky's New Year Gifts

Ded Moroz, and his granddaughter, Snegurochka, were very generous! I received a pair of snowshoes, two Ice Bat figures, a Playmobil Egyptian girl, and a Playmobil Roman girl! I also got a Cheburashka puzzle from my parents.

When I opened the presents from Violet and her parents, I was so surprised! They gave me a new alarm clock- that must be from Tyotya Jess, because I'm always late. The big surprise was a new digital SLR camera! Wow! My resolution for the New Year is to take as many photos as possible.

Inky's New Year Gifts

We Russians really enjoy the Chinese Zodiac. This year, 2010, is the Year of the Tiger. Since the tiger is my favorite animal on the zodiac, I am hoping 2010 will be an extra awesome year.

Happy New Year Everyone!!
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