Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Morning


After days and days of waiting, it was finally February 14th.


I was asleep in my bed, unaware that my mom had come in during the night and put out Valentine baskets.


Piper was asleep too, dreaming about teddy bears and balloons.


I rolled over and slowly opened my eyes- I saw the valentines! I had a little robot basket and a stuffed red panda. I sat straight up and cried "Piper! Wake up! It's Valentine's Day! We have valentines!"


Piper popped up and exclaimed "Yay! I've been waiting all night for Valentine's Day!"


On Piper's nightstand, there was a squirrel basket of valentines and a stuffed Giant Panda.


I tore right into my valentine basket. "This beautiful red heart is from my dear friend Sophie! Thank you Sophie!" (I spent the previous Valentine's Day with Sophie, who had been staying with me while she was attending the Lycee Francais in Manhattan.)


"I got a valentine from Sophie too! How sweet of her!" said Piper.


"My Little Pony? Girly city! This one must be from Katia, my friend in Ohio."


"My Little Ponies are awesome! They're for everyone, not just girls! Look, Katia even sent me my own purple, sparkly pony! She's such a sweet girl." Piper loved her new little purple friend.


"Piper! You're so silly. You didn't have to give me a valentine!" We had made valentines the weekend before. Of course, we each saved a valentine for the other.

"And this stuffed red panda is so cute! That must be what you bought me at the National Zoo gift shop!"


"Yup!" said Piper. "And you got me a Giant Panda! We're going to have to invest in bamboo- our pandas will keep us busy! Thank you for the cute valentine Inky, I really like the star pin."


Piper and Inky piled all our valentines onto my bed and admired them. Thank you to all our friends who so kindly sent valentines!

P.S. If you requested a valentine from me, they'll be in the mail very soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Valentines with Piper

Making Valentines for Friends

Happy Valentine's Day!

This weekend, Piper and I had a mini valentine-making party.  We'd been working on making heart garland for a few weeks and we finally hung it up in the living room to get us in the mood.

Making Valentines for Friends

We had purple and pink paper. I chose the purple paper to make my valentines.  Most kids give candy with their valentines, but my moms told me to choose something that doesn't make your teeth rot! I decided to get out out my collection of pin badges to decorate my valentines.

Making Valentines for Friends

My mom loves baking; she made us a batch of special valentine cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles. We ate them while we made our valentines- yum! Piper and I giggled a little because we weren't allowed to have candy (because of our teeth), but Mom seemed fine with pink cookies!

Making Valentines

I worked hard writing out my valentines to my friends.  I even used a pink glitter pen to sign my name! I got some really cute stickers with monkeys and pandas to use to decorate my cards.

Making Valentines for Friends

I think they turned out nicely, don't you?

Making Valentines for Friends

Happy Valentine's Day from me and Piper! May your day be filled with love, hugs, and friendship!

P.S. I still have several valentines left over. If you would like one, e-mail me at

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Rainy Day

Inky's New Boots

This winter in New York, the weather has been very mild. We've only had snow twice- once on the day before Halloween and once while Piper and I were in Washington DC. What we have had are lots of cool, rainy days.

A few weeks ago, a new girl came to my apartment building. Her name is Alaina and she's German! She was born American, but a German couple adopted her when she was a baby. She has an open adoption, so she had come back to the US to visit her birthparents. Our parents are friends, so even though she'd never met me, she brought a gift- new rainboots! They're teal green with white tops and I love them! Alaina taught me to say rainboots in German- Gummistiefel!

Anyway, last week it rained and left lots of puddles, so Piper, Alaina, and I put on our rainboots and stomped through the puddles in the courtyard.

Rainy Day Alaina

Alaina told us that it rains a lot in Germany.  Neither Piper nor I have been there, so we love hearing Alaina's stories. She brought little packets of Haribo gummy bears. She calls them Gummibären. My favorites were the clear ones, which are pineapple flavored.

Rainy Day

Piper and I wore our sweaters outside.  We tried to match our boots to our outfits- how did we do? We walked around the courtyard very nicely.  There is a sign on the lawn that says "No Children or Dogs on Grass!"  I really wish we could play on it.  There is a playground in our neighborhood, but it is a few blocks away, so we can't go without a parent.  Do you have a playground in your neighborhood?

Rainy Day

A few minutes before we were going to go back into the building, it started raining again! Alaina and I ran to the vestibule of our building, but Piper was thrilled to use my new umbrella. She happily stomped around in the puddles while Alaina and I waved to her from the vestibule. After a while, it started pouring, so Pipes came inside. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Connect Four in my room.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?
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