Saturday, September 29, 2012

AMNH with Summer

Summer @ AMNH The day that we went to the Met, we also had the chance to visit my favorite museum in New York- the American Museum of Natural History! I could spend hours in there, but Summer especially wanted to see the dinosaurs. Here she is with a big meat-eater!

Summer @ AMNH

Dinosaurs had extremely large feet- look at this cast of a dino footprint- whoa! It's almost as big as Summer herself!

Summer @ AMNH

Summer was really into the dino feet- here she is with another dinosaur foot model- it's giant, right? I'm glad there aren't any live dinos for us to run into now, but a few little veggie eaters would be cute. Have you heard of the movie Jurassic Park? I think it sounds like an awesome idea! If they could only have veggie eaters, I would definitely go. How cool would it be to see real dinosaurs in person?

Summer @ AMNH

I really love mammoths and mastodons, so I had to get a photo of Summer by this huge mammoth. She was teasing me because we learned that people in Russia used to make homes out of mammoth bones. Summer suggested that I steal the skeleton and build a play house! No way! Super creepy! Later on, in the gift shop, we saw a Playmobil set that is a mammoth bone house for the Playmobil cave people- awesome! Maybe it would be fun to live in a mammoth bone house for a night or two...

Summer @ AMNH

The last dinosaurs we visited were the ceratopsids. I think the one in this photo is a triceratops, but I am not entirely sure. Basically, it's Cera from the Land Before Time! Summer and I had a great time visiting the dinosaurs. We also went to the Hall of the Pacific Northwest Coast Indians, but the lighting was really dark in there so we didn't get photos. Still, the art there was so beautiful.

I've really been enjoying my time with Summer, but she won't be here much longer. It's probably for the best because I had Nutcracker auditions today (I'll write about that in my next blog entry) and with Nutcracker season coming up, I won't have much time to hang out anymore. Ballet is getting to be more and more of a struggle for me. Since Summer's been here, it's been so hard for me to make myself get ready and go to the city for my lessons. It helps that Coral is there so I have a friend, but it doesn't help that Coral is one of the best dancers in the class. She makes everything look so easy! I am really thinking that after this Nutcracker, I may stop taking ballet lessons. Would you guys still be my friends even if I quit? Do you think I'd be a quitter? I'm really worried my friends would be mad at me.

In this entry Summer is wearing: shirt by Liberty Jane Clothing.


  1. Konnichiwa, Inky!

    Live dinosaurs??? I'm too big of a chicken! Maybe baby one, but never fully grown ones.

    I can relate to wanting to quit. After my seventh year in gymnastics, I almost stopped out of jealousy. But you have to push through!

    (By the way, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award:

    Sore iko, Sayoko

  2. Salut, Inky!
    The dinosaurs look really cool. Lilly and I always joke around about how we want a pet pterodactyl. I mean, they fly. That's reason enough to want one as pet. ;)
    I really love Summer's shirt. I love button-down blouses and floral prints.

    Inky, I don't think you'd be a quitter. There comes a point in life when you have to make big decisions, and sticking around and partaking in something you're unsure of isn't always the right thing to do. I only took a dance class for a day, but I don't count that because I didn't really pay attention (I was more focused on riding my bike afterwards). However, I can relate this situation to my piano lessons. I briefly mentioned it on my blog before. Basically, the woman who gave me private piano lessons wasn't very nice. I really wanted to learn to play, but she made it so miserable for me. I quit taking lessons with her, and the next woman who gave me lessons was extremely kind and helpful, but I still didn't feel any joy when playing. So, I just quit lessons. I feel like if I hadn't quit, I wouldn't have had the opportunities to embrace my other interests, like singing or even learning to play the flute!

    I definitely wouldn't worry about being the best dancer, though. Melanie and Aurélie are DEFINITELY better flautists than I'll ever be, but if I let that get me down, then I'd be selling myself short. I focus on having fun playing, and I practice so hard and feel confident every time I do. In everything, there will always be someone better, and there will always be someone worse.

    What I'm trying to say is, if you do decide to quit, quitting could open new doors for you and allow you to focus more intently on your other hobbies.

    Bonne chance et gros bisous!

  3. Ohh! That would be weird to live in a house made out of Mammoth Bones! I don't think it'd protect you from the snow very well though! Anyways your friends wouldn't hate you for not doing Baller anymore! Just stick with it past the Nutcrackerand if you still want to quit. Then quit. Though you've stuck with it for forever.. And you seem like your amazing! And you have so many ballet things. And you did seem to enjoy it! Ignore everyone else except to push yourself to be as good as them. And if you were bad you wouldn't have made it this far Inky!

  4. Hi Inky!

    What a cool museum! Dinosaurs are so cool, at least I think. Kit thinks they are really scary, I find her fear ridiculous.
    Playmobil is awesome! It's cool they had some in the gift shop.

    Of course I would still be your friend if you quit dancing! I, for one, can't dance. No matter how hard I try. No, I wouldn't think you were a quitter. A quitter, to me at least, is when someone just does something for a few months, and decides it too hard or they dislike it. You have been dancing for a really long time, so if you decide to quit, you have given ballet a real, good chance, and if you don't like it, then you don't. There isn't anything wrong with it.


  5. Inky, we would still be your friend even if you quit ballet, I have always wanted to come watch you do your ballet, but would sure understand if you wanted to take a break or end it all together. Sometimes when we have done something for a really long time it is good to take a break and see if we miss it before deciding to quit all together.

    We noticed we are not on your 'my friends' blogs? :o(


  6. I forgot to say that I would love to live in a mammoth house. I could see polishing up the bones until the were shiny and clean, tanning the hide and stretching it around the bones to make a warm cozy home to live in. Awesome Idea!!


  7. That was a great post. I really enjoy seeing the places you go. We don't have places like that close to us. Please keep those wonderful posts coming.

    Your friend


  8. Inky, I don't think stopping ballet makes a person a quitter. We are kids and are supposed to experience lots of things, and if one of them becomes too much, or we decide it's not what we really want to do, that's okay! Tía Meli reminds us of that all the time. So don't worry and follow your heart. <3



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