Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! I don't usually celebrate Christmas, but since Violet is here, we absolutely had to. :) While my mom made cinnamon rolls, we got out the little Nativity. Isn't it cute? Violet told me the Christmas story while we set it up.

Christmas Eve

There is a little Mary and a little Joseph! And a very tiny Christ Child. The Nativity even has a little sheep and goat!

Christmas Eve

Christmas is fun! We're still going to open gifts on New Year, as is my family's tradition, but I'm enjoying celebrating with Violet.

Do you have a Nativity? What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nutcracker

Nutcracker 2012

Today, Violet joined me in one of my favorite holiday traditions- going to Lincoln Center to see The Nutcracker! We went a little early so that we could go to Starbucks beforehand. We each got a caramel apple spice and waited outside until the theatre opened. My moms suggested we take some photos, so we took off our jackets and climbed up on the fountain. Don't we look pretty in our matching dresses?

Nutcracker 2012

Here's lovely Violet in her holiday dress. When we went shopping for Nutcracker dresses, she spotted this one and insisted that we buy matching dresses! I didn't mind, since Violet is my very best friend. She and her mama are probably the only people who can convince me to wear a dress!

Nutcracker 2012

Here I am in the promenade. I took a photo on this very same spot when I saw The Nutcracker last year! I love going to the Koch Theatre. It was designed especially for ballet- for the NYC Ballet. Even though we'd just finished our caramel apple spices, Violet and I asked for some sparkling grape juice. My moms told us that we had to wait for intermission!

Nutcracker 2012

Before the performance began, we went out on the balcony outside the promenade. From the balcony, you can look down on the fountain and see the other theatres on the plaza. The afternoon sun was shining- doesn't Violet look pretty in the winter sunlight? Soon we heard the chimes calling us into the theatre- the performance was about to begin!

The performance was beautiful! Violet's favorite part was the party scene, where all the children dance in their beautiful party clothes. I like the second act, which takes place in the Kingdom of Sweets. My favorite dance was the Spanish Hot Chocolate. It was also fun to see the polichinelles from the audience! (That's the piece that I dance in.) But best of all was seeing our friend Coral perform as Marie/ The Little Princess! She did beautifully!

Nutcracker 2012

After we watched the dancers take their bows, we went back out into the theatre to take a few last photos. Here's Violet with the promenade below her and the theatre behind her. Doesn't she look lovely?

Nutcracker 2012

Here's one last photo of me in the same spot. I had a wonderful time with Violet! I'm so glad she got to share in this holiday tradition with me!

Have you ever seen The Nutcracker? What was your favorite part?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sophie's gift


This afternoon, I came home from my Russian kids' group to find Violet playing on the computer on her bed.


"Hi Inky!" said Violet cheerfully. "There's a present and card for you on the nightstand. Special delivery!"


I walked over and there it was- a big purple present and a card with Lisa Frank dolphins on it! What could it be?


I read the beautiful card- it was a birthday gift from my French friend Sophie! She's so sweet! She got my gift a bookshop in Massachusetts.


I climbed onto my bed with my present. I squeezed it- it was soft. I shook it- it didn't make any noise. Hmmm. What could it be?


I ripped off the bow, tore at the wrapping, and peeked inside. Could it be?


Yes! It was a park ranger doll, just for me! What an absolutely perfect gift!

Thank you Sophie, you are such a dear, thoughtful friend!

Have you ever gotten special gift from a friend?

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sankt Nikolaus Tag! Saint Nicolas Day!

St. Niklaus Tag!

This morning I was sleeping, dreaming about The Nutcracker. All of a sudden, I woke up and remembered! Today is Sankt Nikolaus Tag, or in English, Saint Nicolas Day! My grandfather's name is Nicolas and he always celebrates Sankt Nikolaus Tag. In this holiday, German kids will leave their shoes by the front door and Sankt Nikolaus will fill them with toys or candy. In our family, we leave our shoes by our beds because people will steal them if we leave them outside the door!

St. Niklaus Tag!

I got up, being careful not to look down at our shoes, and found Violet. She was fast asleep too!

St. Niklaus Tag!

I shook Violet awake and reminded her why we had to wake up so early. "Oh yes!" said Violet. "That's why we sang that German carol last night!" Every year on December 5, we sing a special carol called Lasst Uns Froh Und Munter Sein. The verses end with "bald ist Nikolausabend da!" The lyrics mean "Soon St. Nikolaus Eve will be here." I really like the song. Violet loves to travel and learn new languages, so we had lots of fun as she learned the words.

St. Niklaus Tag!

It was time to see what Sankt Nikolaus left me! Oh my, it was a Squishable red fox!! I had just gotten the arctic fox for my birthday so now I had both kinds of foxes. Yay! What did Violet get?

St. Niklaus Tag!

Violet had received a Squishable red panda! I know she loves mine; I'm so glad she got one of her own!

St. Niklaus Tag!

We were both so happy St. Nicolas decided to stop by our house!

Do you have any special holiday traditions? How do you like to celebrate the winter holidays?

In this entry I'm wearing: Emily's Pajamas from American Girl. Violet is wearing Caroline's Nightgown, also by American Girl.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Nutcracker Season!

Coral as Marie/ Clara

This winter, Coral and I are honored to be performing in the Nutcracker! Today, Coral had her photos taken at the fountain in Lincoln Center Plaza. Doesn't she look beautiful? She is performing as Marie, the main character in the show. (Most companies call that role Clara, in case you're a bit confused!)

Coral as Marie/ Clara

Coral is so excited about her part! She started performing a few days ago and she is loving it. I'm performing in the other class as a polichinelle- Nutcracker season is my favorite part of being a ballet student. There's just something so magical about hearing the music and waiting in the wings. The Nutcracker music is played a lot at this time of year- whenever I hear it when I'm out shopping, my feet automatically want to dance!

Coral as Marie/ Clara

Doesn't Coral look beautiful in her costume? It was specially made for her by Melody Valerie Couture.

Inky Polichinelle 2010

And last of all, here I am in my polichinelle costume- also by Melody Valerie! This is my third year as a polichinelle. It's because I'm just the right size for the costume. That's okay though- I love the role!

Have you ever been in a holiday play or performance? What did you do?

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