Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nutcracker 2013!

Inky's Holiday pics

Happy Nutcracker Season!  This year my moms took me to see a Wednesday matinée.  As always,  we took a photo of me on the fountain in the middle of the plaza.  I almost never wear a dress- except when I go to the ballet.  This year, I chose this beautiful gold brocade dress with matching shoes.  I felt quite elegant.  Sometimes it is fun to get dressed up, don't you think?

Inky's Holiday pics

During the intermission we went out onto the balcony overlooking the plaza and had sparkling apple juice while we discussed Act I. After dancing in the Nutcracker for a few years, it was wonderful to just enjoy the performance from the audience. I had never danced in Act I, but watching the Battle Scene I wished I'd had the chance to be one of the soldiers who fights the mice. My mom thought I would have made a pretty party scene girl, but I strongly disagreed. Soon, it was time to return to the theatre for Act II!

Inky's Holiday pics

I loved watching Marie and the Little Prince visit the Kingdom of the Sweets. Once again, I remembered my time as a polichinelle. I loved performing, but I don't have the discipline to go to a long dance class every day except Sunday. At first I was regretting my decision to stop dancing, but when I remembered how nice it is to relax and have fun, I felt good about it. Plus, watching ballet is fantastic too! After the dancers took their bows, we filed out of the auditorium and into the promenade. Of course, we had to take photos there too! I know it's silly, but I love our family tradition of taking photos in the same places at the theatre every year.

Inky's Holiday pics

Before we left, we had to take one last photo of me by the stairs leading from the promenade down to the street level. This is another traditional photo spot. I had a wonderful time at the Nutcracker this year! I'm already looking forward to next year's performance and wondering what I will wear.

Inky's Holiday pics

Here's one last photo- a comparison of the dresses I wore for the past three years. Which one is your favorite? Have you ever gone to the ballet? What did you wear?

Happy Nutcracker Season!!

In this entry I'm wearing: the Brocade Holiday Dress from American Girl. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trimming the New Year Tree!

Inky's New Year Tree

Hello everyone! One of my favorite family traditions is decorating a tree for the holiday season.  In my family, we call it a New Year Tree because we celebrate New Year instead of Christmas.   After debating whether to set up a pink tree with white lights or a white tree with colored lights, I decided on the white tree.  My parents put the garland and lights on the tree for me, but I get to do the ornaments!

Inky's New Year Tree

Here are my boxes of ornaments and my star for the top of the tree. I love the little character ornaments- I have had them for many years and they are my favorites!  I love the sparkling ornaments too- I love sparkly and shiny decorations during the holidays!

Inky's New Year Tree

First I had to put strings on my ornaments so that I could hang them on the tree. I had beautiful silver string- isn't it pretty? It has little glittery bits in it and now I have sparkly shinies all over my outfit and in my hair!

Inky's New Year Tree

Once I had strings on all my ornaments, I started hanging them on the tree. Of course, I put on holiday music as I worked.

Inky's New Year Tree

This little snowflake is my favorite ornament of all! I'm so glad I have three of him!

Inky's New Year Tree

Here I am hanging a little santa on the tree.  In my family, we celebrate with Ded Moroz, or Father Frost, instead of Santa Claus.  Ded Moroz is similar to Santa, but because I grew up celebrating with him, I like Ded Moroz better!

Inky's New Year Tree

Finally, it was time to put the star on top of the tree! I climbed up on my nightstand to do it. I probably should have asked a mom, but I was too excited! Luckily, I didn't fall. Phew!

Inky's New Year Tree

All done! Here I am with my finished New Year tree, or ёлка, as it is called in Russian. I was adopted from Russia, so my family likes to include Russian traditions in our celebrations.  Happy Holidays!

Do you decorate a tree to celebrate during the winter holidays? Are there any special holiday songs you like to sing?

In this entry I'm wearing: white shirt and grey pants from Liberty Jane Clothing, slippers from American Girl, and handknit sweater and hat.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Totoro Birthday Party!


Hello everyone! Today is my 11th birthday! I woke up extra early, because I was so excited to celebrate.  My parents surprised me with a balloon bouquet and we went downstairs behind our building to take a photo.  Aren't the balloons enormous and awesome? Hurrah!  After a delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, we hung up paper chain and bunting in the living room and waited for my guests.  Soon they arrived (except for my new friend Chihiro, who let me know she'd be a little late.).


Soon, Piper, Coral, and Violet were around the table singing me the birthday song.  Piper had come all the way from Washington, DC to celebrate with me; I was so pleased she could make it!


As I blew out the candles, I made a secret birthday wish. I'm not going to tell you what it was- or it won't come true! My party was later in the afternoon this year, so the photos are a little dark. I hope you don't mind!


Next, it was time for a game- my mama made me a Totoro piñata! I spun around and smacked it as hard as I could, but Totoro just spun and spun in circles.


Then it was Violetka's turn! She whacked Totoro right on the head! Go Violetka!!


It was Piper's turn after Violet. Thwack! Piper hit Totoro right in the middle of his belly and he cracked a little. Luckily, Chihiro walked in just then.


Chihiro grabbed the stick, spun around three times, and hit Totoro as hard as she could!


She had hit Totoro right off the rope! Down he went and candy scattered over the floor. We all scrambled to fill our laps with it. (Don't worry, the candy was in plastic wrappers!)


After the piñata, it was time for presents! My friends had all stacked their gifts on the table and I had two presents from out-of-town friends as well.


First Coral handed me a big brown box with a blue bow. I shook it- what could be inside? Coral had told me that my present had come all the way from England!

It was the Sylvanian Families Sea Otter Family! They are so cute! I love the little shell necklace and purse! Thank you Coral!


Next, Piper gave me a Calico Critter silk cat baby and boat.  She knows I have the silk cats, but not the baby. Thank you Piper!


Chihiro brought me a kosodoro neko- a cute stuffed kitty toy from Japan! Arigato Chihiro!


Then Violet came to the table with a giant green box with a pink bow! "My dad got this for you in Japan Inky! I hope you like it!" she said.  Violet and her parents know me just as well as my own moms, so I knew it would be a great gift!


Wow!! It was a Sylvanian Familes breakfast set with the cutest little bunny waffle maker!! I love it so much- isn't it awesome?


Then Violet handed me an envelope and a blue box with a Totoro on the front! These presents were from our mutual friend, Sophie! Wow! I was so happy that Sophie had sent me a gift, even though she couldn't be there to celebrate with me and my other friends.  Thank you Sophie!


When I read the card, I smiled. Sophie always sends the sweetest messages! Then it was time to open the box. It had two smaller gifts inside. Inside the first packet was a Lisa Frank pin! I laughed and laughed- Sophie and I both love Lisa Frank and we both like to gripe over how our parents won't buy us all the Lisa Frank supplies in the world. Thank you Sophie!


The other present held an assortment of adorable little toy animals! Wow! They were so sweet and tiny! Thank you Sophie!!


Then it was time for my very last present. This was a special package that came from my friend Danica in Canada! Her bright green package was decorated with a rainbow pin- how festive!


Inside the package was a birthday card- so pretty- and a long letter that Danica had written very carefully. Wow! I tucked it away to read after my friends left.  Then, the best- a panda sketchbook!! Wow! I love it so much! Thank you Dani!! What a thoughtful gift!

Twenty one

What a great birthday! I'm glad Chihiro, Coral, Violet, and Piper were there to celebrate with me! Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes too! К сожаленью, день рожденья Только раз в году! (It's such a pity that birthdays come only once per year!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Steph Wylie Knitting Patterns

Today I'm going to share some beautiful knit clothing with you! My friends and I love Steph Wylie Knitting Patterns, so today you will see us modeling some of her Steph's designs.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the patterns, they are sold at Steph Wylie's etsy shop, Qute.  There are several more patterns that aren't featured here, so make sure to check out the shop!

Without further ado, here are the sweaters and hats!

Eva Cardigan Sweater

This is me in the Eva Cardigan. I love the design- doesn't it look like peacock feathers?

Ella Henley Tee Sweater

Here's Coral in the Ella Henley Tee Sweater.

Amélie Open-Front Cardigan

Iris is wearing the Amélie Open-Front Cardigan.

Amélie Open-Front Cardigan

This is the back of the Amélie Open-Front cardi.

Helena Lace Cardigan Sweater

Miko wears the Helena Lace Cardigan Sweater.

Helena Lace Cardigan Sweater

A full body view of Miko in the Helena.

Pip Round Yoke Cardigan

Sonali in the Pip Round Yoke Cardigan.

Pip Round Yoke Cardigan

More of Sonali in the Pip Round Yoke Cardigan.

Gwen Slip Stitch Turtleneck

Marisol in the Gwen Slip Stitch Turtleneck.

Gwen Slip Stitch Turtleneck

Another view of Marisol in the Gwen.

Mae Hooded Pullover Sweater

Zoya Yumiko wears the Mae Hooded Pullover Sweater.

Mae Hooded Pullover Sweater

Fiona Azalea also wears the Mae Hooded Pullover, though hers is in a deep red.

Marigold Ear Flap Hat

Here's Sonali wearing one of the styles you can make with the Marigold Ear Flap Hat pattern.

Rosamund Beret

Zoya Yumiko is wearing the Rosamund Beret.

Marigold Ear Flap Hat

And once again we have Miko. She's wearing the other style of the Marigold Ear Flap Hat.

What do you think? Aren't Steph Wylie's designs lovely? You can learn more about them at Steph's Facebook page for her designs.

Please leave me a comment and let me know which design is your favorite! Are you more of a hat or a sweater fan?

**No compensation was received for the publication of this post.**

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birthday Invitation!

happy bday inky 2013

Hello everyone and Happy November! November is my birthday month and you are all invited to my birthday party on my birthday, the 23rd!  I'm really excited because my birthday is on a Saturday this year, which means it's on the actual date of my party- that rarely happens!

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