Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!


In my family, we open our holiday presents on New Year's Eve. I waited patiently all week after seeing most of my friends open their gifts on Christmas- finally, it was my turn! I sat beneath the tree in my bedroom to open my gifts.


First came this awesome Calico Critters motorcycle and side car! It came with two little raccoons who are ready to ride off into the sunset together.


Next came a present that rattled when I shook it. What could be inside?


Why Legos, of course! The gift was a little house for a little lego turtle! How cool!


Next came a gift from my parents. They usually give pretty good gifts! What do you think it was?


An mp3 player and headphones! Thanks Mom and Mama!


Then came a present from Ded Moroz, who is like a Russian Santa. I loved the paper with the grey kitty on it, just like my Chaika!


It was a puzzle with Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena, my favorite cartoon characters! Awesome!


Then it was time for presents from my dear friends. First was this little package from my friend Susie in New Hampshire. She is so sweet and kind, I knew already that her gift would be perfect!


It was! Susie sent a DVD of the Doll Nutcracker! How cool!


Finally it was time for the last present- from my dear friend Sophie and her twin sister, Juliette. Whatever could it be?


A Playmobil figure! Thank you! His green outfit makes him a perfect park ranger! Thank you so much!


Of course I had to set up my Lego set right away. Isn't it cute? I love the little turtle!


Happy New Year 2013 everyone! Thank you to my friends and family for your wonderful gifts!

In this entry I'm wearing: socks and jeans from American Girl; sweater by Heless Spielwaren
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