Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playthings Academy Awards!

Jess Awards Siggy

I was just nominated for Best Writing (best blog) on the American Girl Playthings messageboard. Thank you to the Playthings community for the honor! If you are a member there and you'd like to vote for me, please visit this thread on AG Playthings messageboard!

I am up against another awesome blog, that of my friend Sabine, Sandrine, and Aurélie. Make sure you go check out their blog too! Thanks so much!

Love, Inky

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!


Hello! Today I am going to make cards for my friends to celebrate Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year was actually last Sunday, but it's better to be late than to never send cards at all!

To celebrate the new year, I am wearing red for good luck.

To get started on my cards, I cut out card-sized rectangles from red card stock.


Next, I placed white label stickers on the cards. This is where I am going to sign my name later.


Since 2013 is the Year of the Snake, I bought these cute snake pinback badges to put on the cards as favors.


I stuck the pins on the tops of the cards. They look really cute, plus my friends can take them off and use them however they should like!


Finally, I wrote "Happy Lunar New Year!" in gold and signed my name in red.


And that's how you make a Lunar New Year card, Inky style! I hope my friends like cards.


Here's a finished card! I think it looks nice, don't you?

Happy Lunar New Year!

In this entry I'm wearing: red tee by Royal Doll Boutique, jeans and hair ties by American Girl
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