Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Puzzle Time

Making a Puzzle

Today Violet and I decided to make the puzzle I got for New Year!

Making a Puzzle

This is the puzzle we decided to do- it's Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena, from the Russian cartoons.

Making a Puzzle

First, I carefully dumped out the pieces onto the table and made sure none of them fell on the floor.

Making a Puzzle

Then Violet and I carefully separated the edge pieces from the rest. We started with the edges and then worked inward. I think this is a good puzzle strategy, but I'm not an expert! The pieces are really tiny, don't you think?

Making a Puzzle

Here's Violet the with the puzzle when we were almost finished. It took us so long that it got dark outside!

Making a Puzzle

We did it! Hurrah! Have you ever built a puzzle? What was the picture?

In this entry I'm wearing: shirt from Royal Doll Boutique (hand embroidered by my Mama) and jeans from American Girl Place. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celebrating Hinamatsuri


Hi! It's me, Inky! Tonight I'm learning about a Japanese holiday called Hinamatsuri, or Girls' Day, with my friends Zoya Yumiko and Violet. Hinamatsuri is celebrated by Japanese families on March 3.


This is my friend Zoya Yumiko. She's half Japanese and used to live in Japan, so she knows all about Hinamatsuri.

On Hinamatsuri, families set up little scenes with dolls called hina ningyo. The dolls represent the traditional court of the Heian period.


Zoya is still collecting, so her set isn't complete. See the little emperor and empress? They're kitties!


Violet is here too! Zoya brought over really pretty, special cards for me and Violet.Violet was especially thrilled because she has actually been to Japan! She and Zoya chattered away about all their favorite things about the country.


See the card? It has the hina ningyo figures on it. Awesome!


Thanks for celebrating Hinamatsuri with us!

Does your family celebrate any special spring holidays?

In this entry: I'm wearing jeans from American Girl and a shirt from etsy.  Zoya and Violet are wearing outfits from American Girl.
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