Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gifts from Russia!

Presents from Russia!

Privyet everyone! I was very, very excited to receive a package today from my dear friends Winnie and Nadezhda! Winnie and Nadya moved to Russia last year and have been having a wonderful time.  I was so surprised to get a package from them! They sent me a leopard who is a mascot of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games! He is super cute! They also sent a Zenit scarf; Zenit is the football (soccer) club in St. Petersburg, where Winnie and Nadezhda live.  Finally, they sent me an awesome calendar for 2014.

Thank you so much girls! You are truly wonderful friends. :)

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Room Tour

Inky's Room

Welcome to my bedroom! I've had several requests asking me to give a tour of my room, so here it is! This is a broad view where you can see most of the room.


Here are my wardrobes, where I keep my clothes. I also keep some of my suitcases underneath them, except for my rolling suitcase, which doesn't fit!


This is my desk. I'm homeschooled, so I do a lot of my work right here.  You can see my collection of American Girl books on the shelf, as well as lots of the little things I've collected. Do you see the little red pandas on my desk? They're my favorite animals.


This is my nightstand.  As you can see, I've been reading the Saige book! Do you see the little photo of me and my friend Violet? We're dressed as Cheburashka and Violet from the Incredibles. It's one of my favorite Halloween memories.  You can also see my violas and my new watercolor of birthday red pandas.


This is where I sleep- my bed!  My new Saige doll is sitting on my bed.  You can also see some of my special things- my icon from Ukraine and my tiny Pioneer doll from Violet and her mama.  Can you spot Chaika's water dish?

Toy shelves

These are my toy shelves.  Can you spot my snowglobes? They are all from zoos I've visited- they're special souvenirs.  My name bunting was a gift from my friend Summer Ravenwood.  Do you recognize any of my posters?

Cat Tower

This is my wonderful cat tower! It was designed especially for me.  My cat Chaika loves to climb on it and fall asleep.


This is my guest nightstand. I love to have friends stay with me and I like them to have their own space. It's no fun to visit New York City when you have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor! I put a few of my favorite things on the nightstand to make my guests feel welcome.  Can you see my tiny Katniss figure? The photo in the frame is of me and my friend Piper when I visited her in Utah a few years ago.

Bed 2

This is the guest bed.  I put my toy park ranger there- she was a gift from my friend Sophie! Isn't she thoughtful? You can also see some of my Calico Critters collection on the shelves above the bed.  Do you recognize what's on the quilt? It's the Apollo 11 ship orbiting the moon!

Thanks for visiting!

Well, that's my room! Thank you so much for visiting! Please let me know if there is anything you want to see more closely!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Inky & Uglydolls

I am so excited! The toy I was really anticipating has arrived! As soon as I saw on the Uglydolls Facebook page that there would be a collaboration between Uglydoll and Hello Kitty, I knew I had to have the Ice Bat! This size was only sold at the San Diego Comic Con, but my parents managed to get one for me. I was jumping up and down when my Mama handed me my Hello Kitty Ice Bat. Yay!

Inky & Uglydolls

I have been a fan of Ice Bat for many years and Hello Kitty more recently. I am so excited to have a combination of the two! I just have to make sure my original Ice Bat does not get too jealous.

Inky & Uglydolls

I used to be a bit "gotta have 'em all!" about Uglydolls, but since I am starting to get a large collection, my parents and I decided to limit my collection to Uglydolls with wings. Here I am with my collection of plushies. I also have several vinyl figures, clothes, and even a drawstring Ice Bat backpack!

Inky's new school bag

Here I am with my Uglydoll school bag. As you can see, I am a huge Uglydoll fan! Do you have a favorite toy? What is it?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Central Park with Friends

Playing in Central Park

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long! It's been a relaxing summer. I had my last ballet class in May and now I'm just spending the summer hanging out with friends. There have been many heat waves in New York City this summer, but on some days, it is really nice. On one of the nice days, I was feeling really grumpy and sorry for myself. Then, I got a call from my friend Cécile asking me to meet her with some of our friends in Central Park. Since I was feeling crabby, I didn't really want to go, but my moms encouraged me to go and meet up with my friends. I hopped on the subway with my Mama and off we went!

Playing in Central Park

Cécile showed up first- she is very stylish, don't you think?

Playing in Central Park

Soon Coral arrived and Cécile gathered us together to tell us that Mia had texted her to say she hurt herself skateboarding in Columbus Circle, which is near the park. Oh no! Luckily, Mia wasn't too badly hurt and was able to walk over to meet us.

Playing in Central Park

When Mia arrived, we all fussed over her. She had skinned her knee and wasn't feeling very happy. Luckily, sitting and chatting for an hour in Central Park cheered her right up. I had a really nice afternoon with friends. I'm glad I went!

Have you ever felt grumpy enough to want to stay home from fun activities? Were you glad you went after all?

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