Sunday, August 18, 2013

Governors Island National Monument

Governors Island!

Today was an exciting day! I went to Governors Island with my family. Governors Island is an island in the New York Harbor that is closed to cars. It's opened on weekends in the summertime for people to come explore the island.  Of course, since it is a National Park Service site, I had to check to see if they have a Junior Ranger program- they do! Once I knew that, I begged my parents to take me.

Governors Island!

To get to the island, we took a ferry from Lower Manhattan. It was really fun! Once we got to the island, we stopped by the bookstore to pick up a Junior Ranger booklet and a pencil.  Then we headed to our first stop- Fort Jay! Fort Jay is a former army star fort that you can explore.

Governors Island!

Inside the fort, I found this awesome cannon! The junior ranger book asked some questions about the fort, so I answered them.  The rest of the booklet takes place at Castle Williams, which is on another part of the island.

Governors Island!

After I answered the questions in the booklet, I went back to the bookstore to get my badge from the ranger. She was really nice and posed for this photo with me!

Governors Island!

Here I am outside Fort Jay with my Junior Ranger badge! I hadn't earned a badge in a long time, so I was proud to finally add another one to my collection.

Fete Paradiso!

Where do you think we went next? Well, we went to FĂȘte Paradiso! It's a French carnival with vintage rides and games! First I had lemonade and a delicious sandwich called a croque monsieur.  Then, it was time for rides!

Governors Island!

Here I am on the carousel. It was really cool!

Governors Island!

We also rode on the Velocipedes, a ride where you are on a bicycle and you pedal round and round in circles.  You can see it behind me (not very well) in this photo.  I had a great time on Governors Island! I'm hoping we'll go back before the season ends.

Have you ever been to a carnival? How about an island? What did you do there?

In this entry I'm wearing: tee from American Girl Place with homemade decal, shorts from Liberty Jane Clothing.


  1. Cool ,that sounds like an amazing day! I was just wondering if there is an age limit to earning a juior ranger badge in a natinol park ,like 13 or so?

    ~Hugs!,Delilah <3

    1. Hi Delilah,

      In most parks there is no age limit- even adults can do it! But yes, in some parks, you have to be a kid. However, my owner is an adult and has never been refused to participate. :)


  2. Sounds like a great time. You're a lucky girl!

  3. You got awarded!


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