Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Inky's New Year 2014

Happy Happy New Year! Now, I know it is almost February.  Since my family went to England for the holidays, I didn't have a chance to celebrate New Year.  My family didn't do presents this year, because we went on a big trip and bought some amazing souvenirs.  Still, some of my dear friends sent presents for me and I wanted to open them! I also refused to take down my New Year tree until I could open my gifts!

Inky's New Year 2014

There were three adorable gifts under the tree when I came home from Russian Language Youth Group last night! There was a cute gift wrapped in gnome paper from my friend Aurora, a package from my dear friend Sophie, and a candy cane-wrapped gift from Coral.

Inky's New Year 2014

First I decided to open Coral's gift. Hmm, what is it? When I shook it, lots of little pieces rattled around.

Inky's New Year 2014

Wow! A Lego animal set! I love these sets so much. I have the turtle from the first series on my nightstand.  I can't wait to build the deer! Thank you Coral!

Inky's New Year 2014

Next came Aurora's gift. Aurora and I are internet friends.  If you'd like to check out her blog, click here!

Inky's New Year 2014

Wow!!! A family of Calico Critters! There was a black father cat and a calico mama and two daughters. How sweet!

Inky's New Year 2014

I knew my parents would groan- they think I have too many Calico Critters, but they are so, so cute! I love these cats. The funny thing is, I already have the babies to this family! Now the babies will finally have a family! Thank you Aurora!!

Inky's New Year 2014

Then it was time for my last gift, a lovely package from my French friend, Sophie. Sophie and I have been friends for many years and have a very good friendship. I miss her so much! I actually saw her in Washington DC earlier in the month, but I already miss her again!

Inky's New Year 2014

Hurrah! Sophie's gift was three Playmobil pirates! Sophie knows me so well. Merci beaucoup Sophie!

Inky's New Year 2014

Here are all my gifts! Don't the kitties look silly next to the very serious Playmobil pirates? I can't wait to play with my new toys.

Inky's New Year 2014

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year celebration. What were you doing as the clock changed to 2014?

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lunar New Year: Year of the Horse!

Lunar New Year 2014: One

Hi! It's me, Inky! Today I am getting ready to celebrate Lunar New Year on January 31. This year is the Year of the Horse. It's very special because my grandfather was born in a horse year! Since I really enjoyed making Lunar New Year cards last year, I decided to make them again this year.

Lunar New Year 2014: Two

Here are the supplies you'll need to make the cards, Inky-style. You'll need a pair of scissors, a gold pencil, a red pencil, labels, red cardstock, and 1" pins. I got my pins from Wanart.

Lunar New Year 2014: Three

First you'll need to cut your red cardstock into square shapes. Mine are a little rectangular. You don't have to use rectangles/squares- you can do circles or hearts or whatever you like best!

Lunar New Year 2014: Four

Next, get out your pins! I like Joyce Wan's Wanart pins because the art is really cute, but you can use any pin. It doesn't even have to be 1 inch wide.

Lunar New Year 2014: Five

Pin your pin into your card near the top of the pin. Again, you can do it however you'd like- I like mine in the center, but off the side looks cute too!

Lunar New Year 2014: Six

Next, take your label and stick it to the bottom of your card. I like white labels because they really pop against the red background. I used Martha Stewart Home Office kitchen labels by Avery. I bought them at Staples.

Lunar New Year 2014: Seven

Next, take your gold pencil or pen and write a message on the card above the label but below the pin. I wrote "Happy Lunar New Year!"

Lunar New Year 2014: Eight

Finally, take your red pen or pencil and sign your name on the label!

Lunar New Year 2014: Nine

And you're done!

Lunar New Year 2014: Ten

Here is how the card looks up close. I think it's cute, don't you?

Lunar New Year 2014: Eleven

Then, go ahead and make as many cards as you'll need to give to your friends and family. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The British Museum

While I was in London, my family was very busy celebrating my aunt's wedding. However, we did have some time to do sightseeing. I had one sightseeing wish- and that was to see the British Museum! It was really, really cool. It was also really, really busy. There are so many things to see at the British Museum, but some are more famous than others. The most famous is probably the Rosetta Stone. The stone is so famous that there were visitors crowded all around it. I only got to see it from the distance because my parents didn't want me to fight my way to the front. Still, I got to see a lot of very awesome things.

Inky at the British Museum

Here I am with a beautiful statue of an Egyptian pharaoh. I think this might be Ramses II, but I am not sure because I didn't write it down.  My photos from the museum are not that great, because the lighting is not very good there for photos.  I hope you will enjoy seeing them anyway! I was excited to see the Egyptian rooms because I am fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture.  At home in New York, I love going to the Brooklyn Museum and The Met to see the different Egyptian artifacts.

Inky at the British Museum

Here I am with a beautiful lion.  It is amazing to me that the ancient Egyptians made such beautiful art without some of the more modern tools we have today.

Inky at the British Museum

This photo shows me with some hieroglyphics- ancient Egyptian writing. Wow! I wish I could read it. In fact, no one alive really could before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone! The Rosetta Stone has inscriptions in three different languages and that helped scholars decipher the hieroglyphic alphabet. Now, you can study hieroglyphic writing and learn to read it! Cool!

Inky at the British Museum

Here I am with a lioness-headed goddess.  Based on my research, I think this is Sekhmet.  Sekhmet is a powerful warrior goddess- because the lioness is a very powerful hunter.  She was also a goddess of healing.  I tried to imagine the ancient Egyptians who may have looked at this statue.  It was created so long ago, it hurt my head to think about it!

Inky at the British Museum

The Assyrian section of the museum is connected to the British section. The Assyrians, like the Egyptians, were powerful warriors. I wondered what life would have been like back then for a girl my age. It was certainly difficult and did not include as much traveling as I am able to do today!

Inky at the British Museum

Here I am with a sarcophagus. A sarcophagus is a container for a body. This one probably held coffins inside of it, probably of a mummy. They have a room of mummies at the British Museum, but unwrapped mummies scare me so we didn't go to that part.

Inky at the British Museum

Finally, here I am with a falcon-headed god. Horus is the ancient Egyptian god depicted with a falcon's head. Horus is the god of the sun and war. I think Horus is fascinating, but I personally liked Sekhmet better!

My trip to the British Museum was wonderful. I'm more excited than ever to go back to the Met! (If you're interested, you can see photos of me and my friends in the Egyptian wing of The Met here.)  Besides the Egyptian section, I also loved the Ancient Britain section.  We didn't take photos of me in there, so you'll have to trust me that it was awesome!  If you ever have the chance to go to London, don't miss the British Museum!

Have you ever been to a museum? What kind was it? What did you see there?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My London Purchases


Hi everyone! Well, I finally opened my purchases from my trip to London. I got some toys at the Sylvanian Families shop and a shirt and headband from My London Girl.  Here I am with my biggest purchase- a fish & chips van with its workers, Finley and Francesca.  Isn't it cute?


Here's Finley working at frying fish and chips in the van. He and Francesca also sell mushy peas and offer a variety of condiments.


Here's Francesca serving Sonny Barker an order or fish, chips, mushy peas, and milk.  Aren't they cute? I really love this playset.


I love Sylvanian Families/ Calico Critters! I wish I could collect all the figurines. In London, there were so many different animals they don't offer in the United States. My mothers told me I couldn't get a new family, so we compromised on three new figurines. I chose a skunk, panda, and mole! I love the skunk and mole; the panda will join the panda family my Grandma Cathy got me for the holidays two years ago. I also bought nursery school uniforms for the three new figurines.


I'm really pleased with my purchases from Sylvanian Families and My London Girl! My suitcase space was limited, but I think I made the right choices, don't you?  Have you ever bought a souvenir on a trip? What was it?

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Sylvanian Families Shop!

Inky at Sylvanian Families

I haven't written on my blog for a few weeks. That's because I've been busy traveling! I went to London, England for my aunt's wedding! It was a lot of fun, but I think one of the more fun places I visited was the Sylvanian Families shop in Highbury.

Inky at Sylvanian Families

Sylvanians are little animal figurines that have entire little worlds of accessories to go with them. I have been into them for a few years- I usually get a few sets for special occasions like my birthday and New Year. (They are called Calico Critters in the United States.)  I really enjoyed the Sylvanian Families shop because the shopkeepers have arranged scenes all over the store. Isn't this scene cute? A little dog is having a picnic!

Inky at Sylvanian Families

The shop is pretty small, but it is packed to the brim with toys! I picked out several items, which I'll reveal in another blog post.  I loved choosing what to bring home to New York City, but I had to be very selective because my suitcase was not that big.

Inky at Sylvanian Families

Here's another little scene- doesn't it look adorable?

Inky at Sylvanian Families

I really liked this hotel, but it was far too large to even attempt to bring home in my suitcase! It's even bigger than I am! Aren't the accessories cute? I love the phonograph!

Inky at Sylvanian Families

Before I left, I made sure my mama took my picture with Freya Chocolate, a "local celebrity." She was all dressed up for the holidays!

The Sylvanian Families shop is a fabulous little store. If you are ever in London, don't forget to stop by and visit!

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