Saturday, February 22, 2014

Playing Re-ment


Hello everyone! Yesterday morning I put on my BoscoSport Cheburashka tee to cheer on the Russian ladies skaters in the Olympics.  I had my eye on Yulia Lipnitskaya- she is awesome- but I was thrilled when Adelina Sotnikova won! I love Yuna Kim too and was sad that she didn't get to be a 2-time gold medal winner, but I was pleased a Russian won.  I was also so happy for Carolina Kostner! Did you watch?

Hello Kitty Sushi Re-ment

However, I still had several hours to go before the event aired at 10am, so I got out a favorite toy- my Hello Kitty sushi Re-ment! Re-ment is a company that makes tiny miniatures. I am not usually a big Hello Kitty fan (I prefer Badtz Maru and Chococat), but when I saw the sushi set in the case at Toy Tokyo, I knew I wanted to collect them! I've had these toys for over a year and never gotten around to sharing pictures. My internet friend Echo, from the blog, posted about her Re-ment and she told me I should share mine too!

Hello Kitty Sushi Re-ment

So here it is! There are several sets to collect and they come in blind boxes- which means you don't know which set you'll get until you open it!  I was lucky to get a complete set.  I love sushi and I really like this set.  I love the little Hello Kitty sushi set.  My favorite thing in the set is the little thing on the black plate with the Hello Kitty face and bow on it!  I also like the little white Hello Kitty in the black bowl- I think it's supposed to be mochi.

Hello Kitty Hina Matsuri re-ment

Then today I was so excited about playing Re-ment that I got out one of my other Re-ment sets- the Hina Matsuri (Girls Day) sweet set! (Do you remember when I celebrated Hina Matsuri last year? You can check out that post here.) I don't have the complete set of the Hina Matsuri Re-ment, but I wanted to share it anyway. It's all traditional Japanese sweets- yum!

Hello Kitty Hina Matsuri re-ment

Here is a little bit of a closer look at the different sweets. My favorites are the pink cup of matcha and the red and white box of bunny-shaped treats.  So cute!

Do you have any special collections? What are they?

In this entry I'm wearing: homemade black Russia tee and white American Girl tee with homemade iron-on decal


  1. Sadie would love something like that to go with her Hello Kitty kimono... or she could always gift it to Inky.

  2. Oooh! I love this Re-ment set! Thank you so much for sharing it because I haven't seen a ton of reviews on this one - I always look around youtube for them. I have a few on my wish list but this somehow wasn't on there. I was planning on giving it to my friend Portia as a gift though. She doesn't have any but her birthday is in the summer time and I wanted to save up my money and have it sent to her. :)


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