Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup 2014!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Olé! Olé! Do you know which international sporting event is taking place this summer? It's the men's World Cup in Brazil! I prefer the women's World Cup, but this is awesome too! Do you play soccer/football? Like many kids watching the World Cup, I am thinking of learning to play. Of course, I had the same idea during the 2010 World Cup, so who knows if I'll actually do it!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

The World Cup is a very, very big deal in my neighborhood.  Since I live in New York City, there are families from all over the world.  Everyone cheers for a particular country and all the kids trade stickers in their World Cup Panani sticker books!  I was initially cheering for Russia, since I was born there.  I am also cheering for the United States and France.  Go USA! Allez les Bleus!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Did you notice my special tee? It features Fuleco, the armadillo mascot of the World Cup.  You know what's also funny? The ball he is holding in the image on my tee looks really similar to my own soccer ball! I went down to our courtyard and practiced dribbling my ball until the super came out and told me to get off the grass!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Hurray for the World Cup! What do you think of Fuleco? Is he a cute mascot? Are you cheering on your home country? If not, who are you cheering for?

In this entry I'm wearing: white tee with Fuleco decal, American Girl 2006 soccer outfit.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Building with Lego!


Here in NYC, it's almost the summer solstice! It's been hot lately- over 90F! As a result, I've been staying inside and getting out some of my toys that I haven't played with before.


This set is from the Lego Friends line; it's a little penguin on a little iceberg! I'm excited to build it, especially because thinking about the freezing Antarctic sounds very appealing right now.


The first thing I did was dump out all the pieces on my table. I know some people like to put the pieces in little dishes, but since this set is so small, I didn't think it was necessary.


As I carefully assembled the little iceberg home from the penguin, I thought about what it would be like to be a scientist studying polar animals. That would be so cool!


Legos are so fun! The worst thing about Legos is when you leave one on the floor and step on it in the middle of the night when you're going to the bathroom. Ouch! Has that ever happened to you?


Soon I had almost completely assembled the iceberg house for my penguin! Hoorah! The house even has a little slide- have you ever seen videos of penguins sliding around? I think my toy penguin will also be a fan of sliding on her belly down her little blue slide.


I attached the slide to the iceberg house, put my penguin's fish in its little dish, and put a silly bow on the penguin's head.  It looks adorable, don't you think?

Have you ever built a project with Legos? Also, what do you think I should name my little penguin?

In this entry I'm wearing: Journey's Girls London tee. (P.S. Can you tell I left a little plastic thingeroo sticking out of my tee? Yikes!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Basket Contest Winner!

2014 Spring Basket Contest

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting the Basket Contest entrants and winner. Things have gotten really busy! Here are the entrants in the contest, which was generously sponsored by Ann's AG Miniatures:

1.  First off, we have an entry from Aoife featuring Rebecca!

2. Next is an entry from Trish and Emma.

3. Third is a photo submitted by Linda and Jess.

4. Fourth comes a photo sent in by FeFe Mae.

5.  Next is a photo from Sapphire.

6.  Sixth we have a photo from Jessie.

7. Seventh comes a photo from Kaitlyn.

8. Eighth we have a photo from Megan.

9. The last photo is from Tilde.

And the winner is:  JESSIE! Jessie, you have until June 22 to claim your prize by e-mailing me at  If I do not hear from you by then, I will select a runner-up to receive the prize.

Thank you to all who entered! I loved all the photos and it was difficult choosing one winner! Happy Spring!

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