Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trimming the New Year Tree!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Happy Holidays to my friends near and far! I hope you are enjoying this cheerful season.  Last night, my friend Brooke came over for a sleepover so that she could help me trim my New Year tree.  I had to giggle at Brooke because she thought we were actually going to cut the branches on the tree! I explained that "trim" can also mean "decorate."  Even though it was still quite early, we decided to put on wintry-themed pajamas and get to work.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Brooke celebrates Christmas, though in a secular way. Still, she had never heard of a New Year tree! In my family, we celebrate New Year instead of religious winter holidays and we put up a tree to celebrate New Year, since I am Russian.  I don't know how to put up fairy lights, so my parents did that part for me.  All Brooke and I had to do was put on the decorations!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Brooke wasn't satisfied to simply trim the tree; she put on antlers! Doesn't she look silly? We agreed that reindeer are very nice animals.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Brooke and I helped my moms get the ornaments down from the closet. There were lots of sparkly ornaments, plus my favorite cute ornaments that I've had for many years.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

First, Brooke and I had to get out the beaded garland! Last year, the cat really enjoyed eating the tinsel garland, so I decided to try the beaded kind this year. The new beaded garland was so long! I liked how the fairy lights reflected off the shiny surface of the beads- so merry and bright!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

My favorite ornaments are the cute ones that my family got our first year in New York. Here I am with the penguin! He is so cute.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Here is Brooke with the little snowflake! I think the snowflake is my favorite ornament. Luckily I have a few!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

After we had hung all the cute ornaments on the tree, it was time to hang the sparkly stars and balls!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

I love shiny things at New Year! It makes things so pretty. Look how bright the tree is! It's like a big ball of shininess!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Finally, I climbed up onto my nightstand and put the blue star on top of the tree. Hurrah! It looks so beautiful. I can't wait until there are presents for my family and friends to put beneath the tree.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Trimming the New Year tree really tired us out. Brooke and I both fell asleep to the light of the tree. Don't worry, my mama came in and turned off the fairy lights after we had fallen asleep!

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

I dreamed of delicious treats and sparkly fairies.

Trimming the New Year Tree 2015

Happy Holidays my friends! Which holiday or holidays do you celebrate in the winter? Please leave a comment telling me about your holiday traditions! I would love to hear them.

In this post I'm wearing: pajamas, socks, and hair scrunchies by American Girl.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Inky's Birthday Treats

Hello everyone! This is the official Birthday Photo Contest post! Just as a reminder, the prizes the winner will receive are 5 kelp cupcakes, 1 bowl of fish biscuits, 1 octopus bread bowl dip, and a selection of veggies!

The contest is judged, which means I, Inky, will pick a winner out of all the entries.   The winner has ONE WEEK to e-mail me at inkymarina@gmail.com with their address.  If that person does not contact me by December 11th, the second place winner will be contacted for their address.

Ready? Here are the entries!

Addy & Scarlett

Entry #1: Addy & Scarlett


Entry #2: Alex


Entry #3: Brianna


Entry #4: Candace

catalina and charlotte

Entry #5: Catalina & Charlotte


Entry #6: Chelsea


Entry #7: Hfxgirltoo

So there you have it! There are seven fantastic entries. I loved them all, but there can only be one winner. And that winner is...

Entry #6: Chelsea!

There is also one runner-up, who will receive the prize if the winner does not contact me by December 11th. The runner up is...

Entry #4: Candace!

Thank you to all who entered! I loved seeing all your kind birthday wishes. It was a treat to see your awesome photos! 

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