Thursday, June 9, 2016

Please help Steampunk Addie's family!

Meeting Steampunk Addie

In summer 2012, I had the great pleasure of meeting a new friend whom I had previously only known online- Steampunk Addie! Addie and I are great friends and we spent an afternoon talking and having fun. Sadly, a few days ago, Steampunk Addie's home fell victim to a massive fire. The home is a total loss. Thankfully Steampunk Addie and her dear friend Clementine are safe, as are her family. Two of the family's cats passed away in the fire, though two dogs and two cats survived.

The family did not have homeowner's insurance, so it is up to our family of friends to care for an amazing member of our community. Please, find it in your hearts to help Steampunk Addie and Clementine's family!

I know our community can rally around Steampunk Addie and Clementine and make sure they are safe and sheltered!

With love,


Friday, June 3, 2016

First Beach Day this Summer!

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Hello my friends! Last weekend was amazing because it was finally warm enough for the first beach day of the season! I think I've mentioned before that my family loves to go to the beach at sunset because it is much less crowded. I had a fantastic time, even though the water was too cold to swim.

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

I love going to the beach at sunset! The light is so golden.  Plus? My moms gave me a new swimsuit! Isn't it cool? I love playing in the sand.

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Before I got to work playing, I did some exploring. That sounds a little silly, because I go to the same beach many times every summer- but really, it's different every time because the ocean and sand are always changing.   There were a few other families there, but mostly, my family had the beach to ourselves.

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

I like this photo of me because my bangs are blowing in the wind and there is a seagull right behind me! The seagulls can be very aggressive if they spy your food! Luckily I didn't have any snacks on me so the seagull left me alone. Phew!

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Sandcastles are an important part of a trip to the beach! I recommend getting as close to the water as you can without getting hit by a wave- the sand there has just the right amount of water in it.  Dry sand doesn't stick together; you need the sand to be a little wet for it to work as building material!

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

After I finished building a sandcastle, I went looking for beautiful shells.  Can you see all the shells on the ground behind me? The waves wash them onto the shore.  Jacob Riis Park Beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. That means it's a national park! So! That means you cannot take the shells home.  One of the main rules of national parks is "Take only photos, leave only footprints."

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

After I finished finding beautiful shells, I decided to play with my sand molds.  Of course, my moms gave me a tube of sunblock and made me put more and more on! It's very, very important to have protection from the sun so you don't burn.  Even though it was sunset, the sun was still pretty powerful.

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Check out my sand molds! I have a seahorse and a sea turtle. They are so cute! I love both types of animals. I've only seen sea horses at the aquarium, but I got to see sea turtles in the wild when I was in Costa Rica a year and a half ago.  Sea horses are awesome too, though I prefer leafy sea dragons. They're so cool!

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

Too soon, it was time to go home.  I stood in the sun one last time before we got in our car and drove home.  I love going to the beach!

Jacob Riis Park, May 2016

As we got in our car, the sun looked gorgeous behind the bridge. Doesn't it look awesome? You can really see how the sun is a star!

Have you ever been to the beach? What was your favorite thing to do there?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day

Happy Pride 2015!

Happy 11th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day!! I'm very lucky to be part of a family with two moms, my Mama and Mom.  They are lucky to have me too!

One thing that makes our family special is that we homeschool and travel a lot! I am ten years old and so far, I have been to several countries and many states.  My family loves National Park Service sites like parks and historic sites.  At NPS sites, I love to do the Junior Ranger program to earn badges and help me prepare for my dream career- park ranger! My parents made the decision to homeschool me so that we could keep on traveling all year long. I love it!

Another thing that makes our family special is that we all have different ethnicities.  I was born in Russia and I am from a small ethnic group there- the Nanai.  Mama is American Indian, from New Mexico. Mom is from the East Coast and her family is European American.   We also try to spend time in Ukraine whenever we can, because it is very special to our whole family.

My family is special because we are an LGBT family, but we are also just like many families. We are the same and different all at once!

What makes your family special?

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