Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Aboard the Disney Dream Pt. 2


On the second day of our cruise, Brooke and I woke up when the sun came streaming in our porthole.   We were so excited to continue our adventure on the sea!


We ran to the porthole and all we could see was water in every direction! It was like that part in the movie Moana, when her chicken Hei Hei realizes he's in the middle of the ocean! It was so beautiful.


Before our cruise, I had never seen the ocean from the middle! Of course, I've looked out the window from the plane to or from Europe, or seen the water from the beach- but neither one of those experiences was the same as seeing the sea from a boat! Wow!


The lights in the hallways were a weird yellowy color, so please excuse this photo!  Disney cruises have lots of theme nights.  One of them was pirate night! The housekeeping staff passed out pirate bandannas and dinner had a festive pirate theme! It was so fun.

Another fun Disney cruise tradition is decorating your stateroom door with magnets! Do you like mine?

I was having such a good time on the boat that I didn't even notice the ground rocking beneath my feet as we cruised through the water.  I had been worried I'd get seasick, but luckily, it wasn't a problem.  Phew!

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aboard the Disney Dream


Hello hello! If my trip to Disney World with Brooke was fun, the next segment of our trip was amazing! After four days at Disney World, we set sail on the Disney Dream cruise ship.   Brooke and I were both very excited, as neither of us had ever been on a cruise.

The first order of business was lining up on the deck for a lifeboat drill.  We learned what to do in an emergency. It was a little scary, but luckily we never had an emergency after all. Phew! Still, I am glad the cast members on the cruise prepared us, just in case.


Once we got settled in, we went to the pool! It was very sunny and warm on the cruise.  Brooke and I had so much fun splashing in the water and being silly together.


After we swam, we hung out on the deck watching the ocean. We hoped we'd see a dolphin swimming by, but we never did.  That didn't stop us from looking though!


One thing I loved about sailing on the Dream was the AquaDuck! The AquaDuck is a water slide that goes around the pool deck. You have to climb up lots of steps to get to it, then you slide in a tube all the way back down. It was so fun! Brooke and I rode together and laughed and laughed.


After riding the AquaDuck and swimming, Brooke and I relaxed on the pool deck so that we could watch Inside Out on the big screen above the pool! Brooke and I actually saw the movie together at the movie theatre when it first came out, but we were excited to see it again!

Even though we had only been on the cruise for Day 1, Brooke and I were ready to declare our trip a success!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Visiting Epcot!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. I recently had a really cool opportunity.  My friend Brooke's family invited me to join them on their vacation! We started our trip at Disney World! We stayed in the Wilderness Lodge, which is decorated to look like a National Park lodge in the Pacific Northwest. There was a little and waterfall right in the lobby! It had a cute bridge going over it, which is what Brooke and I are standing on in this photo.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Once we were checked in at the Wilderness Lodge, we headed to Epcot! There are several different parks at Disney World, but I was looking forward to Epcot the most.  Our first stop was the Canada pavilion, where we meet these animals inspired by traditional Northwest First Nations designs.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here's Brooke with an owl! We had fun exploring the Canada pavilion; it was my very first experience with a Disney park.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

In this picture, we'd climbed to the top of an eagle and were balancing carefully.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Brooke and I were lucky to be at Epcot for the International Flower & Garden Festival! There were adorable topiaries everywhere. Do you recognize who is behind me? That's Bambi!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Brooke's family members are big Disney fans, so she knows so much about the parks and the movies! Since my family doesn't watch a lot of Disney movies, she was helping me to figure out who all the different topiaries represented.  That's Thumper, Bambi's rabbit friend, next to Brooke!

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here I am in part of the Canada pavilion with lots of cool rocks and waterfalls! It was so cool and weird to see little glimpses of several different countries in Florida.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

The Canada pavilion has a trading post where you can buy things that you can usually only get in Canada. Each country's pavilion has themed shops and places to eat.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

Here we are at the Morocco pavilion! I really liked tiles. One of my parents, Mom, loves tilework.  Isn't the fountain huge compared to us? A lot of things about Disney World were larger than life.

Inky & Brooke at Epcot

My favorite pavilions were Canada (I liked the rocks), Japan (I liked the cool store with lots of Totoro stuff!), and Norway (I rode the Frozen Ever After ride twice!).  It was really fun to meet Pikachu in Japan and ride through Arendelle with Elsa, Anna, and their friends.

Epcot was a great park to experience Disney for the first time! Have you ever been to a theme park? Where did you go?
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