Happy Pride 2020!

Happy Pride 2020!

Happy Pride everyone! Tonight is the 51st anniversary of the first night of the riots at the Stonewall Inn.  The Stonewall riots were a key moment in the modern American LGBTQ+ rights movement. Even in my lifetime, as a kid, a lot has changed.  When I started blogging in 2006, my moms weren't married because it was illegal!  In 2011, New Yorkers won their right to marry.  In 2015, that right was extended to Americans in general- though many states had already honored marriage equality.  

The LGBTQ+ movement is NOT just about marriage.  It's an intersectional movement.  That means it honors every part of folks' identities, including things like race, gender, disability, religion, immigration status, and much more.  I'm proud to be a fighter and protector of human rights for everyone. 

I didn't celebrate Pride in public this year, though I usually like to go to the Stonewall Inn to pay my respects to my queer ancestors.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's safer for kids to stay at home.  My mom took this photo of me in our courtyard- I took off my mask for just a little while! 

This year and always, remember- Black Trans Lives Matter!

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